Ragda Patties Recipe | How To Make Ragda Patties | Mumbai Street Food

ragda patties is a popular street food of Mumbai. potato patties are topped with white chickpeas curry and a variety of chutneys and other ingredientswe will make ragda first and here are ingredients needed. the quantities are listed in the description boxoildry white peas/vatana. these have been soaked in water for 7-8 hours and then […]

Why Zippy’s Is Hawaii’s Favorite Fast Food Restaurant — Cult Following

– [Whitney] When you think of food from Hawai’i,you probably think about poke, kalua pig, and poi.And while those may be the island’s most famous dishes,they definitely don’t tell the whole story.To really eat like a local, you’ve got to check outan iconic restaurant chain called Zippy’s.– It’s a diner with a twist.– I love […]

Ask a Dietitian: Advice for the Holiday Season

[music]So the holidays can bea time of excitement and possibly anxiety,of high emotions and a lot of outlayof emotional and physical energy,and for those individualsthat are struggling with an eating disorder,This can be a really, really challenging time.Some of the thingsthat I thik can be really helpful,at the holiday time,would be to really emphasizeyour own […]

Ridiculous Reasons that Dietitians Believe You Shouldn’t Do Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat editionI’m Violet and I’m Pat I want to welcome all my wellness warriors heretoday as usual we make videos to help people to understand the keto world Iguess all the information that’s floating around out thereso that we can have good information […]

The Real Reason Burger King Is Struggling To Stay In Business

Fast food restaurants need to keep up with changing trends, but in recent years, businesshasn’t been smooth sailing for Burger King.The fast food chain is definitely having some trouble.Why are they in a tough spot?Well, it’s a bit complicated…In November 2018, CNN revealed how Burger King had fallen behind some of its biggestcompetitors.Part of the […]


OctopusPork tongHiiiiiii 🙂 I’d like to have a subscription, please.^^SquidAh… I’ll try to eat it clean next time.I think it’s a bone in a squid.It’s not tough. It’s soft.I’ll try some more seasonings.It’s mini gimbap.There’s vegetables and fried shrimp in there.The shrimp’s tail is a pass!paprikaWaterPork tongSo far, eaten tong samgyeop of the longest!really delicious.Shrimp […]

A Dietitian Breaks Down Food Combining | You Versus Food | Well+Good

(upbeat music)– Hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman.I’m a registered dietitian in New York City.And it’s my job to help youfigure out what to eat and why.Today we’re talking about a buzzyand controversial topic in the food world, food combining.If you’ve never heard of it,you probably have some questions,like, what exactly are we combining?Today I’m explaining […]

Meal Swap: Polish Vs. Taiwanese Dumplings