Mark Wahlberg Invites Average Andy to an Intense Workout

I’ve missed you.I missed you.It’s been so long.And I love seeing you.I love seeing you.As often as you want to be here, I want you to be here.I’m hoping to get a job.I’d like to work here.Yeah, you don’t have enough jobs.You don’t have enough going on.I could always use one more.All right, can we […]

20,000 Meals a Day At Google – A Frank Experience

♪♪-Enjoy. Enjoy.♪♪Serving some amazing local bass here at Google.This is a Frank experience.♪♪Tech companies are known for treatingtheir employees amazing,especially when it comes to food.Here at Google, it’s pretty much the gold standard.The New York City Google campus has more than 8,000 employees,and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinnerfree of charge every day.Chef Julian. -Hi, […]

King Vader Cooks His Last Meal: Lobster & Shrimp

(grunting)– It’s a lot in the shoulders.– Well we should remember that these areanimals that we just killed.(upbeat music)– [Narrator] King Vader,what would you like for your last meal?– Lobster and shrimp.– Okay, that sounds pretty good.I’ll make you lobster and shrimp.Get the hell on up here and we’ll get you taken care of.You like […]

Intermittent Fasting: Dealing with the Flu

Welcome everybody to day 13. Congratulations for everybody that hasbeen on the intermittent fast raw food challenge. Congratulations!I just wanted to go over a few questions and also I wanted to talk a little bitabout the flu and what people can do. What’s going on,hospitals are completely overcrowded right now, it is a big epidemic […]

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: What To Eat For Dinner To Lose Weight At Cheesecake Factory

hey what’s going on this is alek with thechange your life diet i’m here sharingmy weight loss tips with you so you canlose weight fast now today I want totalk to you about my intermittentfasting meal plan and in particular whatto eat for dinner to lose weight if youhappen to be at Cheesecake Factoryso check […]

Health Benefits of Almond Butter

Almond Butter Health Benefits.Almond Butter Controls Blood Sugar.Rich in Antioxidants.Weight control.Almond Butter Cures Insomnia.Heart health.These are some of the Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Butter.

Benzaldehyde from Bitter Almond Oil

Benzaldehyde smells like almonds or cherry candy and for this reason, it’s often used as a flavoring agent.In chemistry, it’s often used as a precursor for things like pharmaceuticals, dyes or plastics.I have synthesized benzaldehyde a couple times in the past, but the method in this video is, by far, the easiest way to get […]


Hello Health Champions. Today we’re going to talk about the fasting mimicking diet.That is how you can still eat a little bit while still getting most of thebenefits of fasting so we’re gonna talk about what the fasting mimicking diettraditionally is but we’re also gonna try to understand it and see how we canimprove it. […]