What are Nutritionists – Dietitians or Nutritional Consultants? How to become one…

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  • So whether you want to help your family eat sensibly and enjoy the benefits of knowing which foods are beneficial for better health or encouraging a client to live a healthy lifestyle through diet and nutrition you must first understand what it means to be a Nutritional Consultant.

  • As a Nutritional Consultant you can:

    ✓ Own or manage a wellness practice in your community
    ✓ Formulate nutritional supplements
    ✓ Become a nutritional supplement spokesperson
    ✓ Hold nutritional learning/wellness clinics or workshops
    ✓ Sell herbal and vitamin remedies and suggest lifestyle changes
    ✓ Open your own herbal and vitamin shop
    ✓ Write books, journals and articles on holistic remedies
    ✓ Work as a freelance nutritional & herbal consultant
    ✓ Work with other Holistic Practitioners

  • Natural Healing College (NHC) is a California based distant learning college, incorporating cutting edge science through online courses that support forward thinking professionals. NHC has the ultimate budget pricing – easy pay – pay as you go concept to facilitate payments to fit everyone's budget. You are offered the option to pay for one class at a time after your first payment of two classes at the time of initial enrollment.

  • The bottom line is that we offer quality education at an affordable price that will fit your budget. Our graduates earn a Value Packed Diploma that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

  • The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and several other organizations, in addition to BBB, favorably report and recommend us. Natural Healing College (NHC)'s courses and programs are of the highest quality and prepare students for a career in holistic health and nutrition. All our diploma programs are board certified and all our graduates qualify for certification through the AADP Board without going through any further examinations or interviews.

  • NHC's well rounded curriculum provides you with the most current classes in the holistic health and nutrition fields. Our curriculum includes educational books and resources written by well-known authors in holistic sciences.

  • Students use Natural Healing College's private online learning system and communicate with instructors and other students through private forums and system emails. Since all our classes are online, it offers you the most flexibility of studying at your own pace and will fit in with your busy lifestyle.

  • At Natural Healing College we are anxious to help you make the exciting decision of selecting the fastest growing nutritional wellness career path.

    Apply for admissions online in a few easy steps

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  • I go to this school and it is awesome!! So easy to fit into my schedule, great staff and instructors, and so comprehensive.I can't wait to finish and start my own business.

    I wish you all a healthy and long life!! Good luck!

  • Hi, I am a sports nutritionist and herbal practitioner and I would like to work in Vienna, Zurich, Malaga, Vancouver or Wellington.

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