Vitamins, supplements a waste of money for consumers?

25 thoughts on “Vitamins, supplements a waste of money for consumers?

  • Why are the imported generic drugs form India and china better than these vitamins?
    How many people got sick or worse from those generic drugs?
    What are the stats on people taking prescription drugs after a Dr visit?
    Do people have bad reactions when they mix their vitamins with their prescriptions?

  • So Not inspecting Produce from Mexico that should be grown here is a problem?…And Massive Illegal Immigration is good for the US and setting oneself on fire to get that all body tan is the way to go…..Yea I believe it…..

  • Umm life expectancy has gone down for three years now so the AMA is fucking up anyway. We are talking about idiots who classify marijuana as worse than heroin or cocaine. Whatever you do research all medicines or supplements you take.

  • I don't see doctors anymore. They love 'chronic' diseases so they have perpetually 'sick' patients. I cured myself with diet change and supplement from two 'chronic' diseases. Supplements keep me healthy and I spend less $$$.

  • I am a registered nurse and I recommend supplements to my patients. First, you should always buy your supplements from a reputable source such as cvs or Walgreens. Second you should talk to your doctor about taking supplements but if your Doctor denies any benefit from supplements I would change doctors because that is a lie and in fact many supplements are far safer than the pharmaceutical equivalent. For instance, numerous patients take NSAIDs such as aspirin for pain relief and I see patients all the time come into my unit with upper GI bleeds because they weren’t taking it properly. If they would have just been taking turmeric they never would have had a problem and in fact new studies show turmeric is a far better anti-inflammatory than nsaids.

  • Fish oil, vitamins and fiber supplements is all you need. In the European Union everything is checked and regulated so it's always secure.

  • 23 thousand people went to the hospital that didn't die, over pharmaceuticals that people overdose on and die after taking and is the second leading cause of death in America, I'll stick to supplements and vitamins. Drugs Pusher want to make it illegal for people to heal themselves.

  • Better to eat better than take these synthetic vitamins. Try kale that stuff is nature multi vitamin. And if you have insulin resistance all these vitamins are not going to work.

  • Are YOU killing me? What about all this people’s who die because of pharmaceuticals drugs and listening to there doctors??? Shame on you is a disgrace, meanwhile I will keep drinking green tea and taking my vitamins. 2016 more then 46 people’s die every day from taking pharmaceutical drugs prescription… do your research people’s read the fine script on the labels the sides effect are beyond anything and make you worse…

  • The Constitution does not authorize Congress to establish or fund an agency such as the FDA! We got by without it and we'll do just fine without it! Oh, and don't bother us with the silliness over food supplements! That argument has been going on for decades and it is getting old. Just lay off of us and leave us to our own devices and judgement.

  • Who tf believes these blatant liars anymore? Most of the supplements sold in corporate stores are snake oil versions of legit supplements, but it still beats the poison sold by pharmaceutical corporations.

    For anyone interested, here's some of my fave supplements, given the come from a good source:
    – Chlorella, spirulina
    -Hemp protein powder
    -Hemp seeds, oil, etc
    -Magnesium taken with calcium
    -Royal jelly, bee pollen (save the bees!!!)
    -High dose vitamin c via IV
    -diatomaceous earth

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