Vitamin C Complex is a SCAM? Synthetic v Natural Vitamin C

Vitamin C Complex is a SCAM?  Synthetic v Natural Vitamin C

Hello fellow health and science hackers
this is Antony Reed.
Welcome to Brain Spanking News
In this episode we’re going to be talking about
Whole Foods “Vitamin C Complex”
Why it’s a scam and why synthetic vitamin
C is as natural as your birthday-suit
Then stick around because I’m going to show
you how to get the most nutrient-dense vegetables
And their not from your produce section
Thanks for joining me here at Brain Spanking
I’m Antony Reed and today, I’m probably going
to be ticking off some
People here on the Inter-Webs with some good
‘ol fashioned health science
So you may have come across videos or articles,
as I have
Claiming that ascorbic acid is not “real”
vitamin C
And claiming the only way that you can get
actual vitamin C is through a
Whole foods vitamin C complex
And it just so happens that those articles
and those videos
Usually point you to someone who’s selling
that product
They say that in nature, what we know as vitamin
C, ascorbic acid, is just a container
Holding a whole bunch of other goodies inside
of a plant
They claim that ascorbic acid, due to its
acidity, may have some benefit
But unless it’s packed with these other goodies
it doesn’t really have much of a health benefit
Albert Szent-Györgyi, discoverer of vitamin
And Nobel prize winner for doing so said
What he discovered was ascorbic acid, and
nothing else
In fact, the vitamin C deficiency disease,
scurvy, can only be cured by ascorbic acid,
and nothing else
In this whole vitamin C complex
And while it may be true that plants use ascobic
As a way to keep goodies inside their cells
To do, maybe what the plants need to do
Is this really the only place in nature that
we find vitamin C?
What they don’t tell you, is that, aside from
humans, guinea pigs
Most primates and a few species of fruit bats
All other animals, including spiders, elephants,
Birds, fish… create their own vitamin C
in their livers
How do they do this if they don’t have the
vitamin C complex?
And what form of vitamin C do they create?
A whole foods complex?
No, it’s simply ascorbic acid…
Vitamin C
Now you may think, fine… so we don’t need
a vitamin C complex
But isn’t there some difference between a
natural form of vitamin C found in nature
And something created synthetically in a lab
Now of course it’s a great idea to get as
many of your vitamins
And minerals as you can from good, whole,
unprocessed foods
But whether or not vitamin C is made in a
goat’s liver or in a lab
As long as it ‘s the same chemical structure
it is the same thing
The molecular structure for vitamin C is C6-H8-O6
Now as long as those atoms are in the right
amount, in the right place, and the right
It’s vitamin C
If you want to learn more on how high-dose
vitamin C can truly change your life
Check out the description below I’ve added
a bunch of links just for you
Now, as promised here’s a health hack to show
you how you can get the most
Nutrient-dense vegetables for you and your
Whenever possible, buy your veggies from the
freezer section
Rather than the produce section
The reason is, the veggies that are in your
produce section
Were picked 2 to 4 weeks prior to being delivered
to your grocery store
And it’s during this period, the ripening
period, when the vegetables
Soak up the most nutrients from the plant
Therefore, regular vegetables are much less
Nutrient-dense then their fellow frozen counterparts
Primarily because, their frozen cousins are
actually picked at pique ripeness
And flash-frozen so that it keeps all the
goodness inside
Well that about wraps it up for the day
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40 thoughts on “Vitamin C Complex is a SCAM? Synthetic v Natural Vitamin C

  • It was about time that someone made a youtube about the vitC complex scam.
    Breaking it down part by part.

    Thank you!

  • Nice video and I got new information..
    Hello I am windu Simanjuntak, pharmacist student in Indonesia. I would like to ask you about how can we make vit c more stable in the transparent bottle by using complexing it??
    Maybe you have the video.
    Thank you for your great attention.

  • This guy is full of crap. He misquotes the discoverer of Vitamin C. The man stated CLEARLY that it was Vitamin C from food that cured scurvy and that he tried IN VAIN to replicate the cure using Ascorbic acid. Please note that the author of this video does not provide any scientific research or studies to back any of his claims. He misquotes Albert and makes a bunch of unfounded claims.

    This is a direct quote from Albert Szent-Gyorgyi: “At the time that I had just detected the rich vitamin content of the paprika, I was asked by a colleague of mine for pure vitamin C. This colleague himself suffered from a serious haemorrhagic diathesis. Since I still did not have enough of this crystalline substance at my disposal then, I sent him paprikas.
    My colleague was cured. But later we tried in vain to obtain the same therapeutic effect with pure vitamin C (Ascorbic acid).”

  • Hi. I’ve read that vitamin C competes with blood glucose in cellular uptake? Is all vitamin c potentially bad for people with Diabetes/high blood sugar problems? Or is it only “ascorbic acid” that does this? What about vitamin C from Whole Foods? Does vitamin help or harm an individual with constantly high blood sugar / Diabetes? Thank you very much.

  • @Brain Spanking U – Deep Sleep Hypnosis  Is it Ascorbic acid that is made in some animals and not some form of Ascorbate? Ascorbic acid is made from cornstarch and sulfuric acid. Do animals do that? You're trying to say Sodium ascorbate is the same as Ascorbic acid. They're both considered vitamin c. But are they the same?

  • Thanks Antony Reed… I like info and your references all good folks I listen to as well. But for me I'm taking 100% food C Complex from Food Research daily because it agrees with me. I don't care that they tell it and sell it– it works for me as does real, quality, organic or low spray local, fresh, seasonal food. I have to eat any way. Nothing against frozen fruits and veggies or synthetics or IV C when they are more convenient or if you tolerate and you need high doses… not sure I can even do IV C though.
    Best health tips for me in recent years… Dr. Zach Bush 4 minute workout (also found on YouTube), mouth taping at night to eliminate mouth breathing, Food Research 100% Food supplements, 16/8 Daily IF (fasting) and another favorite …Check out Dr. Terry Wahls Minding your mitochondria Ted talk on YouTube very inspiring

  • Just cause ascorbic acid was all he discovered, doesn't mean he didn't miss something. I wouldn't be surprised if natural sources provided things we just don't know anything about and is why I prefer nature over man made lab stuff.

  • Linus Pauling salutes from the beyond the grave! 18 grams per day and he made it to 93…….sadly a lot of very intelligent and influential MDs are saying that ascorbic acid is not Vit C…and spreading confusion

  • anyone who wants the straight dope on this topic should read "primal Panacea" by Tom Levy….and put all doubt to rest

  • Subscribed because of your detailed responses to questions below. Based on my limited knowledge, your capacity to research is decent.

    What is your opinion on methylene blue?

    Edit: Nevermind, just saw your content focuses on hypnosis.

  • Please consider offering a small donation through PayPal if I provided you value with my work:
    This channel is supported by your generosity. Thank you so much for joining me.

  • Thank you. I got scared a second by Dr Berg. I think he is excellent in many things but that made me confused. Ascorbic acid is in the ascorbic acid cycle. He meant that without the other rutin bioflovonid compounds it can increase vessel damage like nose bleed. Ascorbic acid is water soluble which means that the kidneys will filtrate if it's not needed through urination. Could there be some studies about the other compounds that could be beneficial to our bodies?

  • No, no, no… This is not what I've been told. I've been told that vitamin C is an extremely fragile molecule that is highly vulnerable to extremes of temperature, such as heating or freezing. And so frozen fruits and vegetables, while they may indeed have been frozen at the peak of ripeness and vitamin C richness, lose most or all of their vitamin C content in the act of the freezing. And the same thing goes for pasteurized fruit juices — the pasteurization, being a heating process, also destroys much if not all of the vitamin C.

  • I agree with the worry that some people offer products and that might be the motivation BUT I am not convinced by your evidence (not being snarky or negative, just want to get to the truth)

    Saying the discoverer of vitamin C only found ascorbic acid is not proof, tech has changed a lot so he might have missed a great deal.
    Also you do say in plants it is in a complex.
    Thirdly you use animals that make their own vitamin C as a 'prover' too.
    That's just plain pointless.
    It's like using a cows stomach to illustrate a humans intestinal function. They are different.

    So here is my genuine question. It seems science has discovered this list:
    As a whole vitamin C contains the following; something called ascorbinogen,
    bioflavonoids, rutin, tyrosinase there's a factor J K and P and it has mineral cofactors and lastly ascorbic acid.

    Are these simply invented? I don't think so but can they be explained how you have explained the one element (ascorbic acid)

  • How can we be certain that when they’re picked they’re going STRAIGHT into a freezer and not sitting around for a long time before they’re frozen? That’s my concern

  • So what’s the best “brand” of Ascorbic Acid in your opinion? I would like to supplement but want the powder to put in water not a pill.

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