Given so much bad advice flying around the internet nowadays, I feel compelled to write a short article to overcome the myths of dating, especially when it comes to get a girl to like you. Here are the top three strategies (which constitutes what I call the “Get The Girl” system) to get a girl to like you. I must warn you that these might seem to be highly unconventional, but I can personally attest to the effectiveness of these techniques. They might not look pretty, but they WORK, period.

Strategy 1: DON’T ‘BE YOURSELF’.

“Being yourself” is one of the worst things that you can do, and yet is preached by almost every other “dating guru” out there. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search call girls in islamabad and see. If the girl doesn’t like you for who you already are (or how you present yourself), how would “being yourself” make her like you?

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If “being yourself” is not getting the girl you fancy to like you, then stop by all means.

Instead, do what the experts do. Learn up on what makes women tick, and then apply what you learn in both presenting yourself and in how you interact with women to make them feel attracted to you. Search on Google for “deadly seduction secrets”, for example, and discover the techniques on how to seduce out of your league. For the NLP and hypnosis inclined, there’s even a new technology which transforms both your inner and outer ‘game’ through value elicitation. This technique is called ‘fractionation’ and its effectiveness has widely been vouched for by successful men many times over.

Strategy 2: CHALLENGE HER.

Human interactions are based on this principle called “value perception“. Subconsciously, when we interact with other people, we place a ‘value’ on them, and then behave accordingly. Specifically in the context of getting a girl to like you, you must present yourself from the frame of ‘higher value’. So, if you come across as too easy, you will tank in terms of value, and hence lose the girl.

Humans like challenges. Make it difficult for her to win you over, and you’ll make her attracted to you.


Look – there are more than three BILLION women in this world. Right now you might think that the girl you like is *the* one, but don’t get fooled by this. Know that dating is just a numbers game, and the more you date, the more chances you will have. So, don’t get hung up on one particular girl. I highly encourage men to date as MANY women as possible at any one time.

So, if the girl you fancies disrespect you in any way, “NEXT” her without mercy. There’s always another girl around the corner! And more often than not, the girl that you rejected might just come around again, having seen you as a CHALLENGE (strategy 2 above). Either way, you win.

These strategies might offend, but hey, I am here to give you the straight talk on how to get the girl. If you don’t like these, then you’d better not even look at my popular free book on a controversial technique that seduction masters use to covertly generate women’s attraction. But if you do, I’d guarantee you results right off the bat.


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