Top 10 Surprising Facts About Fast Food

10 Surprising Facts About Fast Food
Many of us eat fast food on a regular basis
for reasons of sheer convenience. Sometimes
we simply don’t have the time for much else,
we’re already out, and it’s easy. Considering
we deal with these food companies every day,
and the ubiquity of information on the internet,
we tend to think we already know most everything
about them. However, there are still many
facts out there about your favorite fast food
joints that will surprise, amuse, and possibly
even horrify you.
10. Wendy’s Chili Is Made With Old Meat
Wendy’s Chili is one of its most popular
and iconic items. It’s something you certainly
won’t find in most fast food joints, but
Wendy’s serves an incredible amount of the
stuff. However, while it is very popular,
many of its fans may be turned off if they
knew all about the process involved in making
it. Since Wendy’s makes the claim that their
hamburgers are “fresh, never frozen”,
most people would probably assume that this
is also the case for their chili. Unfortunately,
those people would be wrong. The meat used
in the chili is not fresh at all. It’s actually
a cost saving idea that Dave Thomas came up
with in order to constantly serve fresh burgers
– especially during busy times – and not
lose money on wasted product.
His solution was that during busy periods,
the grill cooks would be frying a certain
amount of hamburgers based on projected sales.
Any burger sitting on the grill waiting for
an order that passed a hold time was thrown
into a warming bin. When the bin filled up
these would be put in plastic bags and frozen,
sometimes for days or weeks, before being
thawed and made into Wendy’s chili. In other
words, it’s the meat that Dave Thomas did
not think was suitable for your hamburgers,
so he hid it in your chili instead.
9. McDonald’s Is Testing A One Minute Drive
Thru System
McDonald’s has been struggling in recent
years. While they still have an insane amount
of retail holdings, and business worldwide,
the truth is that people are constantly looking
for healthier options, and for many people
the McDonald’s brand in general has become
a bit stale. Even though it’s not really
that much healthier, Subway has out edged
McDonald’s as the fast food joint with the
most stores open around the world, and newer
casual dining restaurants like Chipotle are
growing quickly and taking an enormous chunk
out of the business the golden arches used
to rely on.
This has led McDonald’s in recent years
to take increasingly desperate measures to
keep their competitive edge. In Florida recently
they have been testing a new one minute drive
thru system, in an attempt to bring people
back to their stores and attract customers.
Perhaps they figure that if they can’t have
the best food, they can at least have the
fastest service. This new expectation they
are testing will offer customers a coupon
for free food if the promised speed of service
offered is not met. This seems likely to create
an abusive system that will stress out employees
and lose the company money overall, but time
will tell if such a short wait time expectation
will ever roll out nationwide.
8. Arby’s Turns Ridiculous Advertisement
Into A Real Sandwich
Arby’s is known mainly for serving roast
beef, and very little else. If you asked someone
who wasn’t a regular customer at the store,
or did their research on the matter, they
might not really know that they serve much
of anything else. Arby’s marketing department
felt that this lack of recognition for their
other products was a serious issue in terms
of bringing in more customers, so they came
up with an extremely conspicuous advertisement
that would show everyone that they had all
kinds of different meats. They showcased a
picture of two buns with some of every single
type of meat they carry, and plastered it
everywhere they could. In a way the ad was
a success because it did grant them a lot
of publicity, but it also left people rather
Customers started coming in more, not to start
asking for their variety of meats, but to
ask for the specific sandwich in the ad that
was piled to the heavens with a nice portion
of every single meat on the menu. Arby’s,
not wanting to miss a golden opportunity to
make money and get more free publicity, added
the sandwich to their menu, and dubbed it
the “Meat Mountain”. For those wondering,
the sandwich has roast beef, bacon, steak,
chicken tenders, turkey, ham, corned beef,
brisket, Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese – it
is an absolutely monstrosity of meat and cheese.
7. Chipotle Prefers Inexperienced Employees
Chipotle is known for being on the cutting
edge of the current dining trends (and, at
present, for threatening your health with
E. Coli). Casual dining has become extremely
popular in comparison to regular old fast
food experiences, and the minimalist atmosphere
of Chipotle was a welcome relief to many.
They are known for doing many things very
differently, and in particular are known for
their unique hiring practices. During interviews,
it is normal to have one or more regular crew
members interview a new employee, both to
look for certain traits, and to see if they
will be a good fit for the team dynamic at
the store. They also don’t really want candidates
with experience. They promote almost exclusively
from within, and say on their website that
no experience is actually preferred. Chipotle
would rather have a blank slate with the right
attitude traits to work with than a seasoned
The reason for this is actually very specific.
Chipotle is nothing like traditional fast
food, or even many restaurants. There are
no freezers or cans at Chipotle and everything
from the salsa to the guacamole is made fresh
daily. Considering how radically different
the entire food prep experience is, Chipotle
feels that it will be easier to train people
who are completely new, as opposed to re-teaching
people who are used to the traditional methods
of fast food preparation.
6. Dave Thomas Got His Start Helping Colonel
Dave Thomas is the well-known and beloved
founder of the Wendy’s fast food franchise.
He was an orphan himself, and started a charity
designed to help orphans. He is also well
known for the Wendy’s square burgers, and
of course the iconic Frosty. However, while
many people know quite a bit about Dave Thomas
due to a marketing push a while back, many
people don’t know the details of his success
story. The truth is that Dave Thomas actually
got his start working for Harlan Sanders of
KFC fame. He was working under Sanders, helping
with some stores in Indiana, and was eventually
offered a sweet promotion and a deal he couldn’t
refuse. The restaurants he was being sent
to oversee were struggling, but if he could
turn them around, Sanders would give him a
huge stake in the now saved stores.
Thomas fixed the stores by greatly simplifying
the menu, and also creating a huge bucket
sign in order to attract attention. His marketing
was a great success, and before long the two
struggling stores were thriving once again.
Thomas immediately sold his stake in KFC,
and used the proceeds to start up Wendy’s
Old Fashioned Hamburgers. It was much longer
before he got back into the chicken game at
all, with Wendy’s just focusing on Hamburgers
and Frostys in the beginning.
5. Colonel Sanders Hated What KFC Became
Most people know that KFC was originally created
by Colonel Sanders, who originally began serving
his chicken out of a gas station. Eventually
he made enough money to start a restaurant,
which tragically burnt down. Not to be deterred,
he eventually rebuilt and started anew, selling
his chicken with great success. Sadly for
Sanders when new roads were built nearby,
it had the effect of losing him most of his
business, and before long he had to shut down.
He started traveling around franchising his
chicken, and eventually the company became
the enormous success it is today.
However, Colonel Sanders was a very hands
on gentleman, and was obsessed with things
being done right. He would travel to KFC locations
and berate people if he thought things weren’t
up to his personal standards. Nearer to the
end of his days, KFC was becoming so huge,
that they decided to change the recipe for
the chicken and gravy in order to better meet
the advanced production needs. Sanders had
a different vision, and thought that the new
gravy and chicken were absolutely terrible.
He attempted to start his own competing restaurant
in protest, and ended up in a lawsuit battle
with the company that he founded. While the
demands of high volume food production do
sometimes involve some shortcuts, we can sympathize
with Sanders feeling that much of what he
had created, and worked for, was being altered
into something he felt was entirely worse.
4. Chick-fil-A’s Religious Values Go Well
Beyond Closing on Sunday
Chick-fil-A is known for closing on Sundays
due to the religious beliefs of its owners,
and more recently, they were in the news over
the marriage debate. One of the owners had
donated large sums of money to groups that
felt that gay-marriage should not be legally
recognized, and many people boycotted the
company. In order to fight this boycott, many
people who were against gay marriage organized
Chick-fil-A day in order to support the company
and its traditional values. What many people
don’t realize though, is that the donations
against gay marriage are just the tip of the
iceberg when it comes to the religiosity of
the company.
While they do not discriminate if you are
not religious – that would be illegal – they
do believe very strongly in a very particular
type of candidate, and they tend to push religious
values as much as possible. Their founder,
Truett S. Cathy has stated before that he
asks his non-Christian employees to please
practice biblical principles when it comes
to business, and they strongly prefer married
candidates. Cathy has stated that he would
probably fire people if he knew they were
committing serious sins, and many employees
feel that the company in general gets far
too involved in their personal lives, and
has a somewhat cult-like atmosphere. It is
also expected of you that if you come to work
at Chick-fil-A, you will be there a long time.
Cathy has stated before that he wants applicants
asked if they plan to be with the company
for life. If not, they need not apply.
3. Many Fast Food Soda Machines Contain Fecal
A few years back, a college student in Virginia
did a report where he tested for bacteria
from a fast food soda machine. When potentially
harmful bacteria was found, researchers in
the area sprang into action to see if there
was a widespread health issue. What they found
was very disturbing. They tested 90 drinks
from 22 different fountain soda machines in
Virginia, and 90% of them contained some kind
of bacteria that has the capability of at
least making you mildly ill depending on the
conditions. Researchers aren’t exactly sure
how the bacteria is getting there, but they
theorize it could have something to do with
it being cleaned with an already dirty rag,
or people touching the wrong parts of it with
extremely filthy hands, but these are only
While this was only in parts of Virginia,
it is likely that the problem is present in
many soda machines throughout the country.
It is unlikely that most of Virginia can’t
get it right, and the rest of the country
can. However, researchers do caution not to
completely give up hope from the findings.
While having E. Coli or other harmful bacteria
in your drink is definitely not desired, the
amounts present are unlikely to provide you
with anything more than temporary discomfort.
This is, of course, small comfort when confronted
with the thought that bacteria from fecal
matter is finding its way into your sodas.
2. Subway Lost A Class Action Lawsuit Involving
Their 11 Inch “Footlongs”
Subway, the world’s largest fast food chain,
has had kind of a rough time as of late. The
revelations about their former spokesperson
Jared, while not having anything to do with
the company, have certainly not left a good
impression with anyone. However, most people
understand that, and are far more unhappy
about Subway lying to them about the length
of their sandwiches. For those who don’t
remember, a couple years back a viral story
surfaced about how Subway was actually only
giving sandwiches that were about 11 inches
for their footlongs. When confronted about
this, the company actually tried to claim
that footlong was “just a descriptive term”
and not meant to be technically accurate.
Before long, Subway was facing a serious class
action lawsuit from many consumers who felt
that calling something a footlong for years,
and then offering less than that, is pretty
much the definition of deceptive advertising.
As part of a class action settlement deal,
Subway is agreeing to now measure all of their
sandwich breads before preparing them for
the customer, to ensure that they are getting
the proper amount of bread. They will also
send quality inspectors to make sure that
their franchise locations are following the
new standard properly. This has been incredibly
embarrassing for Subway, but perhaps they
and others will learn a lesson about deceiving
their customers.
1. Cinnabon Bakes Empty Trays In Order To
Attract People To The Smell
Cinnabon is an incredibly popular location
for many. In some parts of the world, it can
be hard to find one, so people will even go
long distances out of their way in order to
get their hands on some Cinnabon cinnamon
rolls. It’s unsurprising that people are
so enamored, they are famous for a reason
and no one would deny that they taste good.
However, the truth is that there is a reason
that the memory of Cinnabon is so strongly
entrenched in most people’s minds, even
if they have only ever been near one, and
have never actually purchased any of their
food. The executives at Cinnabon long ago
realized the psychological power of smell,
and they clearly understand the effects it
can have on memory, because they have been
making very good use of it.
Cinnabon locations are actually strategically
located near malls and airports for a reason
– it’s better for getting you to notice
the smell. In an enclosed store that you can
only enter from outside, you can’t really
be attracted to the smell, but in an open
mall you can attract people from a long distance.
The company also goes to great lengths to
make the smell linger. Fresh cinnamon rolls
are supposed to be baked at least every 30
minutes in order to keep the smell fresh,
and some stores have even resorted to baking
cooking sheets that are simply coated with
the cinnamon and brown sugar to ensure the
smell sticks around when needed. The company
has found that keeping the ovens near the
front of the store, and constantly bombarding
people with the smell of their food, dramatically
increases sales.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Surprising Facts About Fast Food

  • I don't find anything wrong with being cost effective. Personally I hate food waste, and would sooner give it than throw away. I've recently finish a health and nutrition course, fast food as an industry is on the debate. It's the impact on health, not only the high street, food manufacturers aswel. Although it won't kill anyone eating out once a week, the impact is on convenient eating opposed to healthy diet (three meal planner). Particular there are some foods left out from the food guideline, crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks. That's the reason for the scrutiny because of advertising, food labelling, sugar and salt contence. Health implications are serious (on a regular bases).

  • Long time chef here. I've worked everything, starting with fast food and eventually moving up to high end fine dining.

    What Wendy's does is absolutely the best and most cost efficient way to utilize unsold product and limit waste. I assure you that it is fully within health code, and absolutely safe. I know this because I've had to take a ton of health and safety classes through the years.

    This is a VERY common practice in high end restaurants as well. In fact, soups are often lovingly referred to as the garbage disposals of the restaurant world. It's a lot of products final chance to be delicious and useful.

  • Just to make this clear. Re-using leftovers on the industry is not uncommon but the norm. What is the alternative? To waste it?. In Spanish culture, the definition of "chili" is to throw "whatever" in the pot. If one has a problem with this practice, my advice is to stay home and never eat out. This is a bad point to bring attention too.

  • Here's one the frap roast liquid they use in frappuccinos at Starbucks taste like soy sauce I even switched it on a coworker to prove a point he could tell the difference

  • The part of Wendy's and having the meat frozen for days or weeks is not true ! at least not the the hand full of Wendy's restaurants ive worked in.

  • Never seen the advertisement for it cause its a secret menu item but the MEAT MOUNTAIN is a beast I almost could not eat the 2 I ordered with the fries and large drink. If I had ordered large fries I could not of ate it.

  • I worked at 2 fast food restaurants, McDonald's and Arbys and there is some disturbing things they do to food or at least at the two locations I worked at. Arbys will take whole heads of lettuce and soak them in the same sink where they wash dishes before they cut them up into salad. McDonald's might clean their ice maker once or twice a year and mold will be inside the machine. They both only clean the drink fountain nozzles by soaking them nightly in soda water. Both companies use rags to clean out compartments that house the shake mix. Employees will often reset timers on food holding trays, often selling very old fish fillets or other items that don't sell as fast. They'll resticker expiration dates on salads when they expire rather than make new ones, they'll not throw away breakfast burritos that don't sell but rather keep them for the next day for sale. Minors and other employees will often go without breaks during their shifts, they'll have you work until 2am and illegally edit your time punches to 12:30am. I could go on additionally for quite a while about the horrible practices from the two locations I worked at and witnessed.

  • tks for the note about chick-fila; I absolutely never go there because of antigay attitudes. I didn't realize their corporate culture was approaching cult status. wow!

  • Simon looks like two celery stalks might fill him up. The thought of him sitting down to a Meat Mountain is laughable. Love your videos – the work shows!

  • Wendy's doesn't use old meat.its the same meat used in a hamburger and it's used in a short period of time

  • I tend to not eat fast food, I prefer to cook my own food at home. To me fast food is something that only takes a few minutes to cook.

  • Simon pronounces Fillet-o-Fish and Advertisement incorrectly.

    It's "fill-lay oh fish" not "fill-it oh fish", and "ad-ver-tize-ment" not "ad-ver-tiz-ment".

  • Uh…. The meat Mountain wasnt an item advertised, and then sold afterwards. Working for Arbies, we were selling the sandwich before the ads hit TV, not long before but long enough. And yes, we hated making them

  • If I go to fast food which is rare I go to Chik-fil-a, Whataburger, or Taco Buano. I like healthy food best. Cheating once in a while ok.

  • Well, the Meat Mountain has been discontinued due to low sales, and at nearly 10 times one's average daily recommended caloric intake (2000 cals with a sandwich at 19472 cals), you can see why.

  • For the best fast food meal, go to Chick Fil-A. If you want a burger, go to Carl's Jr. If you want a veggie burger, go to Shari's.

  • I don't have a problem with the way Wendy's makes there chili, as long as proper refrigeration, and food handling practices are followed.Used to have an employer in a grocery store meat dept. Who would cook smokies, and other sausages to get that smell out into the store, absolutely it worked, folks would ask what the delicious smell was, next thing you know there scooping up some product.

  • i have never had chilli in wendys so can't comment on the taste.
    But meat should ideally be cooked before adding to a chilli, or bolognese.
    No one involved in this video seem to understand cooking

  • So what does Wendy's do with the chili that doesn't sell? Sell it back to to meat processors to make canned dog food?

  • FYI in Goldfinger , the original Kentucky Fried Chicken may have deliberately or not created the first product placement in history. In a scene, the two agents tasked with tailing 007 were eating you guessed it right under an original Colonel Harlan Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky because 007 was a " guest " at Goldfinger's horse breeding ranch in Kentucky.

  • There is a proven fact That Top Ten Lists are psychologically addictive. They will keep pressing the subscribe button until they get a reward like rats in a Skinner Box getting their reward. Every mammal responds to OPERANT CONDITIONING, the most extreme examples are Top Ten Lists and a Clockwork Orange by Kubrick.

  • For all of you who complain about fast food killing you early… imagine how early you'd die if they weren't around? Better yet, imagine how many people you'd murder on your way out. There's my fecal matter message for you to swallow in your fountain drink cup.

  • Fast food is addictive and unhealthy. Avoid it as much as you can, and soon the addiction will end. After several months and years go by, you will feel better, and not be able to recognize it was breaking an unhealthy addiction that made you feel better. Buy simple basic ingredients, and learn quick simple recipes

  • Sometimes Wendy's has to cook up some fresh burgers to add to the chili. I worked there 2 years, and still know people who work there. I have never heard of anyone ever freezing the chili meat. But you can tell when someone is training on the grill, when the chili is extra meaty. But it's ALWAYS never older than day old meat.

  • I was blessed with meeting Dave Thomas, back in the day. When I worked at Wendy's, our chicken was also fresh, and literally used the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe and pressure fryers.

  • Chick-Fil-A is evil because they encourage Christian values? As if no left-leaning companies impose their values on their employees like….STARBUCKS, GrubHub, Carl's Jr……etc….etc….etc.

  • The woman I just had make my sub at Subway…I don't think she cared a damn about anyone but herself! It took her 20 minutes to make q couple sandwiches bc she showed how little the job mattered! That's the SECOND complaint I had with the same location! I had one girl completely overlook me in line to talk w friends! I called and told the supervisor but she didn't care either!

  • All fast food companies are owned and run by the elite. People are over worked and under paid so fast food fits the budget. It ruins your health a little at a time.

  • the bacteria in the drinks machines i would firstly assume comes from free refills as ppl will order their food and then if the food type is eaten with your hands will refill halfway through or just aftrr their meal with the grease and food product still on thier hands as opposed to having to get the drink from over the counter again

  • I'm going to add a personal anecdotal point here… The Wendy's chili thing… That's kinda true. During a rush I would put a ton of burgers down because the worst case scenario was running out of meat in the middle of lunch. After the rush was over if there was any meat that went dry it would get put in a warmer until the bin was full. Once full it would get put in a bag that would get out into the freezer until the next morning. At which point it would get thawed, chopped, rinsed, and added with the other ingredients. I worked there for 2 1/2 years as a teenager and the meat had never stayed in the freezer for more than a night. Honestly, I don't get how that is worse than any other practices of even most sit down joints have.

  • Watch this video four times and by the end of the fourth view one new McDonald's restaurant will have gone up somewhere in the world. True story.

  • Subway has famously edged out McDonald's in global market share and locations world wide but years ago when I was working at one I remember our regional manager telling us on a visit that they had recently hit a milestone of having more real estate holdings than the Catholic church. For a very long time the Vatican held more real property than any other entity in the world and Subway beat them some time around the early 2000's.

  • Awww 🥰. Chic Fil A is a religious company. Yeah I’d didn’t listen much more than that except rules rules rules. They’re smart using married people though. Libido is low, energy is low, your staff won’t be humping in the cooler. It’s just smart. Having worked in several restaurants, I know the restaurant staff gets bored during downtime and they tend toward the office or the cooler. And people are always horny. That’s why lust is a deadly sin. You found someone jumping on the food you were eating, you’d kill them or at least want to. But be careful, wrath is also a deadly sin, and greed and gluttony and pride and and sloth (being lazy) and envy. May as well make your food yourself, and to heck with whatever anyone else is eating.

    Ew poop pops. Yuck.

    Cinnabon was smart using smell.

  • I don't care if the chili is made with frozen meat from old hamburgers, I love it and I'm pretty sure that's how chili gets made in most homes too.

  • I work for a fairly high end catering business if we have extra meat we freeze thaw and reuse yes somtimes weeks later its ok and with wendys money they probly have it down to a science. So relax…..

  • McDonalds needs to go under. At least the ones by our house. It’s nasty, their rude, mess up orders and are over priced for the garbage they sell.

  • Slow down there Sunshine you just slander the memory of Dave Thomas. You first stated Dave developed the idea of Wendy's chili as a cost saving idea then went on to allude he was serving the public left over junk. Dave Thomas did not invent said idea nor is he or will ever be the last to do it. This same money saving tactic even at highest establishments not just fast food chains. So if you wouldn't retracting #10 from your list or at least issue an apology.

  • That would be nice about mcds being last time I was there I drove off because I sat there way too long. Sad thing is I was picking up my kid from work (at that mcds). Also when I worked there we would only soak the fountain drink nozzles in carbonated water. Nothing else. So not too surprising about the fountain drink thing.

  • Before opening his restaurants, Col. Sanders originally developed the coating recipe which he tried to market. His marketing program was to collect a nickle for each piece of chicken sold. He would collect when he refilled an order for the mix. He sold it out of the trunk of his car.

  • Of ALL fast food, even taco places…there is only one I go to when I am looking to mess with someone. Burger King. NO other place will do it to me, but Burger King will make me cut self contained atmosphere farts for 12 hours. I'm talking relationship enders folks….wake your OWN self up out of a deep sleep farts. Anyone that see's me eat Burger King had damn well better be gone in 6 hours lol.

  • Why would I care if my sandwich is exactly 12 inches? The meat, cheese, and other toppings are exactly the same….

  • Wimpy was the 1st fast food resturant to open in the UK in the 1950's.
    They mainly did burgers. But they had a real resturants. U walk in get met at the door shown to a seat and the order was taken while u were sat at ur table. They bought the drinks to the table along with real cutlery wrapped in a paper napkin while u waited for the food to be cooked as it was cooked to order. Then they bought the food to the table.

    The burger was usualy open with the burger on the bottom part of the bun so u could add the salad to it then put the top on or ad sauce or mayo or whatever u wanted. half a tomato was on the plate with a frankfurter sausage curved around it. lettace, cucumber. everything arranged on the plate the same way posh resturants did it.

    Some customers used the knife and fork to cut up the burger and eat it like a real dinner some just used their hands to pick it up.

    The food was served on real plates. hot drinks were served in a cup and saucer. cold drinks in a real glass.

    Salad was served as standrd with the burgers as well as chips.

    They only have a few places left now mainly in the south east and on motorway service stations. But well worth going in them for a meal if ur eating on a budget or want something fast. Usualy takes about 5 to 10 mins to cook the meal u order.

    They served wine and beer if u wanted that. Nice selection of deserts like knickerbocker glory, rum baba, banana boat, peach melba, apple pie, cherry pie with cream or ice cream.

    They still have a few restuarants left but they had to close most of them cause mc donalds opened shops next door to them to try and put them out of business.

    They named it wimpy after the german guy who invented burgers in hamburg germany hence hamburgers. frankfurters were invented in frankfurt Germany hence their name.

    Sandwiches were invented by lord sandwich hence their name. He was hungry and wanted something fast to eat so his chef just got 2 slices of bread and put cheese and other bits in it creating the sandwich lol.

  • The Cinnabon phenomena has been played by movie theaters for years. Lot's of small batches of fresh popcorn, constantly. I worked at a theater that used pre-pop for decades. After they put in a popcorn machine, in a year they sold 5 years worth of popcorn. Plus, unpopped corn is much cheaper.

  • Wendy's chili is actually not bad or unfresh. At the worst, it's the beef from the day before, refrigerated over night. Worked there for years. Cleanest operation by far of multiple joints I've worked at (McD, BK etc.)

  • Which burger joint will I find some horse meat? I haven’t had any in my hamburgers lately and I’m beginning to crave for it.

  • I worked at Wendy’s, I wouldn’t eat the Chili. He said stored in the freezer for days to weeks, our store went months, and the warming drawer was covered in flys.

  • A 1 minute drive through can only be done if the food is all already made and sitting there. As for Chick-fil-A I haven't eaten there since learning about their super right-wing hatefest philosophy.

  • Dave Thomas did not get his idea from KFC what so ever Dave Thomas came through Lima Ohio and tried kewpees that's only here in lima ohio and has been opened way longer than Wendy's ever was, and loved to food so much and said this should be all over the country and tried to buy the restaurants in town. The owner wouldnt sell so Dave Thomas tried to copy it. Just look at the menu's side by side… spot on everything…. he only got his money from KFC and stole the idea and opened a copy restaurant out of spite, and it still dont out sale kewpees. Kewpees grinds thier fresh beef everyday that's delivered and never frozen and always local beef. Best burgers you will ever have. You guys need to look up the history in lima ohio and kewpees and Dave Thomas before making a video about him cause Wendy's isn't anything like KFC.

  • the meat in Wendy's chili has a hold of 4 days i worked there we'd write a date on it and have to use it by said date and there's nothing wrong with the meat it was suitable for your burger just rather than overcooking it and throwing it out we bag it and throw it in the freezer which is perfectly healthy. I still remember when i worked there and the baconator came out. P.s. Its just three strips of bacon cut in half to make 6 strips.

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