The Chaffle for People Who Hate Eggy Tasting Chaffles

The Chaffle for People Who Hate Eggy Tasting Chaffles

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video I’m gonna try and
overcome one of the biggest objections
to the chaffle and that’s the eggy
flavor but before we do that if you
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whenever I release a new video one of
the most common complaints that I get in
my chaffle video comment sections are from
people that simply don’t like the taste
of the cha ‘fl and generally it’s the
that they don’t like and I did a little
bit of research to see if I could figure
out do some people have more sensitive
taste buds to eggs kind of like some
people love cilantro other people think
it tastes like soap and the answer is
yes some people actually do have higher
degrees of sensitivity to the sulphuric
compound in eggs especially the yolks
but also I found out on some farming
discussion boards that the type of feed
given to the chickens can impact the
egginess of their yolks so it all seems
to kind of come down to the yolk which
is why we’re gonna remove that today
we’re gonna make two yolkless and
hopefully not eggy tasting chaffle –ls
the first is just going to be a riff on
my base recipe it’s the egg and the
mozzarella – the yolk for the second
chaffle I’m gonna use a couple of things
that in my experience kind of neutralize
that eggy taste when you’re baking so
let’s get to making them the first thing
I want to do is see the difference in
weight between a whole egg and just the
white so I know if I need to add
additional white to the recipe or scale
it in one direction or the other
Okay 52 grams in this 1 egg white only
34 grams so I’m gonna try and add a
little bit more just to bring us up
around that 50 grand mark again I
overshot just a little bit but what the
heck let’s go with it
just to keep all things equal with my
previous videos we’re gonna add 1/2 cup
of mozzarella to our egg white and mix
and then I’m gonna divide this in half
because I want to try two different
approaches to this
we’ll have our just straight-up egg
white mozzarella to our other batch
we’ll add 1/2 tbsp of psyllium husk 1/2
TSP of nutritional yeast just 2 or 3
drops of liquid stevia and a pinch of
salt egg white only on the left and my
egg flavor destroyer batter on the right
we may need to dial back on that egg
mixture a little bit we are at about 4
minutes and they both stopped steaming
so let’s take them out first do you
straight up egg white mozzarella and
then my total egg Buster batter I’ve had
both of these chaffles on a cooling rack
for about 3 minutes let’s give them a
try first the egg and cheese only it
it’s a lot softer I don’t pick up much
flavor of anything outside of the
mozzarella there’s a little mozzarella
flavor not really getting any egg I mean
I didn’t get a huge amount of egg before
but now I can say I’m really not getting
anything in terms of egg it’s not a bad
chaffle it’s just sort of without
character so I guess if you want your
sandwich ingredients to have the
starring role and to not have any of its
flavour detracted i guess by your chaffle
this is a fine alternative just use a
little bit less than i used because you
don’t want that foaming out of your –
waffle maker for the next one i took 4
different ingredients that I know can
decrease the egginess flavor in
something the salt
but a stevia the psyllium husk and the
nutritional yeast so let’s give that a
try much much harder and you know it
still got some pliability to it it’s got
some good chew I don’t taste any egg at
all in this and honestly I think of all
the experiments that I’ve done so far
this reminds me more of bread than any
of them so this is I mean it’s got a
really nice chew to it it’s dense yet
pliable just a little bit crispy on the
outside I like this this this is a
really good sandwich chaffle in my opinion
so for those of you who are looking to
get away from that eggy flavor if that’s
what’s really bothering you about the
chaffle give these two recipes a try
especially that second one now for that
second one the egg flavor batter Buster
whatever I want to call it you are gonna
want to double your ingredients on that
since I was only using half of the base
waffle mixture so you’re gonna want to
use a tablespoon of psyllium husk powder
a teaspoon of nutritional yeast still
just a pinch of salt and you know three
four drops of liquid stevia hopefully
with this video we’re able to bring some
more people into the cha family thanks
for watching

100 thoughts on “The Chaffle for People Who Hate Eggy Tasting Chaffles

  • you are really good! and this compliment comes from a professional speaker and who’s done courses for LinkedIn Learning

  • When I’m looking for a “sandwich” type chaffle – I make an almost identical chaffle as you did with the psyllium husk (I use the whole egg) or I make a paffle using pork rind crumbs. They hold up well, & freeze and reheat well.

  • Absolutely appreciate you doing this! One question : why the stevia? Is that to combat any bitterness, or to just give a different taste?

  • I've done the egg whites only when the chaffle craze came out. Not a big difference to me, just watery as you experienced. I love all the chaffle recipes. My favorite so far, is the tuna melt.

  • Thank you for making this video! I do not like eggs in any way, shape or form so the Chaffee craze just didn’t interest me. Although the idea of it did! I’m going to try the one you made with psyllium husk fiber.

  • Your 𝐄𝐠𝐠 𝐅𝐥𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐲𝐞𝐫©® is no surprise. I'm a huge fan of the addition of a modest amount of psyllium to chaffles. I think it provides great textural properties. Also, if you want to retain the nutritional benefits of whole egg but avoid the 'eggy' flavour I've found that the more you whip whole eggs the less eggy they taste.

  • Recipe is above everyone scroll back
    1 egg
    1 TBS Almond Flour
    1 TBS Mayo
    1/8 tsp Baking POWDER
    1 Tsp water
    Tastes like Wonder Bread.
    Credit to Silvia Andion

  • Interesting! I don't mind the eggy taste, but on most of mine I do add 1 tbsp of almond flour and I think that helps. I love how you experiment and gives me great ideas

  • While I don't mind "eggy" flavor, I have a lot of egg whites to use up, and I'm going to try this- what shall we call them?- Light or  Blonde or White Chaffles! Thanks!

  • I never make my chaffles with the yolks. Whites only. They’re perfect every time.
    1 T melted butter, 1 large egg white, 1/4 cup mozzarella and 2 T of Keto Connect One Minute microwave bread mix

  • I just did something so brilliant I’ve tried doing this before with many other keto recipes and it always tasted terrible. I had a brain storm!! This time I did my fave savory chaffle recipe. Used one room temperature egg 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese pinch of salt pinch of oregano to give it to Jersey Mike’s flavor and a little bit of water put it in my ninja bullet until it smooth & thin and I put it in a 12 inch lightly oiled skillet medium heat and made it as thin as I could. Took two spatulas to flip it but once it cooled I smeared cream cheese on the top and put sliced turkey and sliced cheese and I rolled it up oh my gosh it was heavenly I dont miss bread and tortillas anymore

  • Thank you for this video. No yolk 🙂 After discarding the yolks every morning for a week I bought just the egg whites in a carton. I put extra egg white from the carton and it seems to make them fluffier and thicker, and doesn’t spill over for me. When I used the egg white from the whole egg I only used 1 egg white and it was perfect. I put one strip veggie bacon, more cooked egg white and a sprinkle of cheese to make a breakfast sandwich every morning. That and keto coffee I can go all day.

  • I've been doing the egg white chaffle for a few weeks, using them for burger buns, My roommate that's not dieting ate one, and really liked it.

  • Question about your dash waffle maker, after making the chaffles how do you clean the waffle maker? Usually when I’m done theirs grease inside

  • after I’ve been doing the base chaffle for a while today I tried the base Cream chaffle And I was very disappointed, it kind of negates everything a chaffle is, flabby and eggy, my favorite so far is the one with two slices of cheddar cheese, taste like Chito’s 😋

  • Try rachael Dee cream cheese chaffels recipe it's great for sandwich bread and I love to take a one and put it in the toaster and then put butter on them.

  • I know you've tested the heck out of the chaffle but I've finally found a recipe that is such a great bread replacement. It's so simple but such a game changer. Use one egg as always with slightly less than the normal 1/2 cup of cheese. I know that's blasphemy to a Wisconsiner but bare with me. Then add a quarter cup of almond flour, 1/8 teaspoon of xanthan gum and 1/8 teaspoon of arrow root. I like to mince the cheese before adding to really incorporate it in the batter so you get a more bready consistency. If you try it please let me know what you think! Thanks for all the great recipes!

  • Okay, let me throw this one at you–my BFF cannot eat cheese–I have been trying to figure out how to help her because she certainly hates the gluten-free bread she buys. I am very thankful for your videos, they have helped so many of us on KETO/Carnivore WOE.

  • Another great video in a long line of great vids! I always look forward to the next one. You have a great experimental approach to cooking. I also liked your hot and sour soup vid. Any change you will do more low carb and healthy soups???

  • I tried laying thin slice of cheese first, egg (more egg white than yolk) then another thin layer of cheese..SO GOOD!!!

  • I just made an egg white and mozzarella +protein powder chaffle before this video came up . It still had an eggy texture even though it didn’t have so much of an eggy flavor. Going to try this with psyllium & nutritional yeast next time

  • Just tried the recipe with the fiber, yeast, etc. Not bad at all! It does have a bread like taste and feel. I really love your chaffle experiments. Keep them coming!

  • OMG!! I was ready to jump off the Chaffle train until you came up with the Batter Buster recipe! This is the one! I made them today and so crispy and non distinctive flavor which works great for sandwiches.. it doesn’t take away from the chicken salad for example but has that crispy toasted bread.. I can add seasonings for Italian bread, a savory rosemary.. the possibilities at endless!! I crown you the Chaffle King!

  • No Thanks, I will ditch the whites first (yes Cilantro tastes like Dawn dishwashing detergent)
    You have a great voice but have you ever watched yourself eat?
    Love your vids, watch them all.

  • If you're removing the yolk you'll need to add back in the fat if you want to be able to get that same consistency. Just add coconut oil or butter to do so, you'd need phosphorus for binding but if you don't want that then baking soda (yes I know weird idea) might actually replace it.

  • If you haven't tried using oat fiber in some, you might like it. I saw one for oatmeal cookie chaffles that used it. Might give a new texture option.?

  • I hate eggy everything, except eggs, they have too. I notice the cheaper eggs make my bowls smell, makes me crazy. White vinegar to the rescue. I notice the egg taste or smell goes away hours later in sweet stuff.

  • Actually when you mix the cheese and egg together, it doesn’t come out crunchy. That is the way you do it to replace bread. The crunchy ones are thin slice of cheese at bottom let it melt a little then put the egg mix on next then after that put another thin slice of cheese. That was the original chafflle.

  • Steve–you gave me the courage to experiment! I used one egg, 1/2 cup mozzarella, 2 Tablespoons of Matt's microwave bread mix, a dash of salt and pepper and then a few sprinkles of chili powder and I cooked it in my chaffle bowl maker from Dash. I cooked some ground beef, made the keto taco seasoning and used 2 teaspoons of that in 1 pound of cooked ground beef. When the chaffle bowl was done I filled it with the meat, colby/jack shredded cheese (shredded), a little chopped Roma tomato, a little chopped white onion, and a little shredded lettuce and I have a taco salad in a bowl I can eat! You are so right about the chaffle being a game changer!

  • This stuff taste just like Sugar and it is zero Carbs. It is pricey but it is 21/2 times sweeter than sugar therefore you use less. Sucress Natural Sweetener – No Stevia taste contains stevia and glycine

  • I think I am the only person on the keto diet that think psyllium husk is one of the worst tasting things on the planet. I have yet to use it and like what I made. I have however used oat fiber as a substitute and it works great in almost all situations. I will try this with both though and see what happens. I am kind of tired of 90 second microwave keto bread!

  • PLEASE GIVE CORRECT AMT… In recipe it shows 1 TBL of Psyllium Husk but when speaking, you said 1/2 TBL. Which is correct ?
    1/2 TBL Variation is a BIG difference when dealing with Psyllium husk.Thanks.

  • That shirt! I'm a huge Archer fan!! <3 Love this recipe because you can buy egg whites only in a carton from the store. Then won't have to worry about all the extra egg yolks

  • I really wanted to like the basic chaffle but just like all of the other breads I have tried I really didn’t ‘t care for it….but I really like this yolk-less chaffle, had my first BLT in like 8 months and it was sooo good! Thank you for all of your time and experimentation, we really do appreciate it!!

  • OMG i made my chaffle this way yesterday and its amazing!!!!! It took away the eggy taste 100% I made a cheese tomato and ham chaffle it was exactly like having a normal toastie. Then for dinner I made a burger with it and it was awesome also and the best part about it is they don't go soggy it stays nice and crisp right down to the last bite..This definitely a game changer..Thank-you soooooo much.

  • Thank you for taking the time to perfect chaffles. I have made eggwhite & mozarella and I found it a little bland too.
    Ps. I love your Archer shirt!

  • Does anyone else experience a slimy consistency when you chew these breads that contain psyllium husk, xanthan gum, and flax seed? I can't do the texture tbh.

  • Made them! Great recipe!. Used this recipe for hamburger buns turned out great. Goes in very thick just spread it around your waffle maker. I use a regular waffle maker.

  • Just made these!! Finally found one I like!! In fact I think I will make up a small batch of the dry mix to have on hand and and then just add the egg. 😁

  • When hubby makes keto ice cream he uses a lot of egg yolks and it leaves us with lots of egg whites. Since I am one of those people who has a hard time with the taste of eggs (but I love cilantro) he usually makes himself an omelettes with the whites.
    I decided to try the yokeless chaffle…I did 1/4 cup of egg white and 1/4 cup of cheese and they came out perfect. I made a hamburger stack….chaffle, herb cream cheese, avocado, arugula, hamburger patty with mushrooms on top and served it with a salad and keto fries. Thank you for this recipe I am happy to have found another way to use the egg whites.

  • Love these batter buster chaffles…I cooked a minute shorter. Covered each with a swoop of good mayo, a smashed burger and a tomato with more mayo….delicious. Thanks!

  • I am glad ketorewind said to check your recipe out. I just subscribed to your channel. Thank you for making this journey easier.

  • I Love, Love, Love your recipe experiments and results. I made this for breakfast, but decided to use the entire egg bc I was too lazy to separate and I get fresh eggs from my hens daily. It was still yummy good!! Can you try making a garlic bread version to go with Keto lasagna?

  • I make a fantastic bread chaffle recipe! And easy!

    Microwave 1 oz cream cheese for 10 seconds, mix in 1 egg, 1 tbsp almond flour and 1/4 teaspoon baking powder and a pinch of garlic powder. Makes 2 mini waffles and comes out perfect every time!

  • I'll have to try your second recipe. Someone in my family doesn't like eggs either, but when I make chaffles for them I use egg whites, add cheese on the outside (so it's not so floppy) occasionally add garlic powder/salt. They don't complain. Eggs whites are def. the way to go regardless of which recipe you use.

  • I'm one of those who hates the "eggy" tasting chaffle! I absolutely LOVE the egg white chaffle, I did the first one but I added a mixture of mozzarella & cheddar cheese (because I ran out of mozzarella). It was delicious, and best of all no eggy taste. Thank you for this!

  • My first efforts at chaffles were messy, as my mixture overflowed. I realized I needed slightly less mixture, but I didn’t want to cut back on the cheese. The egg white chaffle was the answer, because I could use egg whites from a carton. I now use 50 grams of egg whites, 50 grams of mozzarella cheese, 1/2 teaspoon of psyllium husk powder and a pinch of salt and pepper. The psyllium thickens the mixture so it isn’t so runny going into the chaffle iron. Chaffles rule!

  • You are so serious, Steve, I'm subscribing… AFTER I try this recipe. I HATE chaffles, they always hurt my stomach… if this doesn't, i will be your #1 fan… but not in a 'Misery' kind of way…

  • All eggs are not the same. Farm Fresh eggs have richer, deeper colored yolks which give more of an eggy taste than the inexpensive eggs you can find at the store (ie; 69c/doz) which have very light colored yolks.

  • I’ve just tried this chaffle …..the batter buster recipe and ….WOW , IM GOB SMACKED , will be making this again for sure and no need for almond flour in the recipe either . Outstanding, BRAVO !👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😊😋

  • I checked out your link to the dash waffle maker. I couldn’t figure it out – does it come with both the flat plates, and the waffle plates? I can only see flat plates on that one 🤷‍♀️

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