The BEST Pumpkin Pie Chaffle

The BEST Pumpkin Pie Chaffle

hey there it’s Steve from Serious Keto
and in this video we are going to make a
pumpkin pie chaffle
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time I release a new video one of the
more popular requests that I’ve gotten
for chaffles lately and it’s probably
due to the season is a pumpkin chaffle
or a pumpkin pie chaffle now I got out on
YouTube and I did a search on pumpkin
pie chaffles and there’s a few out there
and generally what I found it was just
people adding a tablespoon of pumpkin
puree and some pumpkin spice to it a
chaffle and that doesn’t taste like
pumpkin pie to me anyway to make a
chaffle that tastes like pumpkin pie we
need to make a pumpkin pie now this is
gonna be a little bit more work upfront
not a ton honestly and you’re opening a
can of pumpkin one way or the other so
why not use it all up using the same
hack that I use for tomato paste which
I’ll post right up here we’re gonna save
and store our pumpkin pie filling in
nice little portions that basically will
allow us to do pumpkin pie chaffles on
demand so let’s get to makin our
pumpkin pie
we’ll start with one 15 ounce can of
pumpkin 2 large eggs 2/3 of a cup of
heavy whipping cream 1/2 cup of the
white granular sugar of your choice I’m
using swerve 1/2 cup of the brown
sweetener of your choice again I’m using
swerve brown 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie
spice 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt 1
teaspoon vanilla extract use a hand
mixer to combine you may need to scrape
down the edges once or twice just to
make sure that all of our seasonings are
next we will transfer our mixture into a
9-inch pie pan
and note we don’t have a crust here
because we’re not really making pumpkin
pie we’re just making sure that our
filling tastes like pumpkin pie smooth
it out and then we’ll go into an oven or
toaster oven preheated to 350 degrees
it’s been 40 minutes
so we will remove our pie to a cooling
rack and let it sit for at least an hour
our pumpkin pie has been cooling for
probably an hour and a half now and if
you’re wondering why your pumpkin
chaffles haven’t tasted like pumpkin pie
so far just try taking a bite of that
pumpkin straight out of the can and
compare that to this which tastes like
pumpkin pie and it’s gonna be all the
difference in our chaffles now this next
step you don’t have to do if you don’t
want to if you want to make all of your
pumpkin pie chaffles in bulk or if you
think you’re gonna be using up the
entire batch within the next week or so
just throw it in a Tupperware put it in
the fridge but if you would like to have
pumpkin pie chaffles on demand follow
these next steps we’re gonna spoon our
pumpkin pie filling into these half
sphere molds which are each one
tablespoon in capacity if you don’t have
one of these silicon molds I highly
recommend it they’re great for
portioning out and freezing ingredients
great for making fat bombs you’re gonna
have enough pumpkin pie filling to make
about two trays of these with enough
left over to make a handful of chaffles
right now but we’re gonna put this in
the freezer you’re gonna want to let
these freeze for probably four or more
hours overnight works as well too then
we pop them out
and bag them up then we’ll pop them in
the freezer for future use
to make our pumpkin pie chaffle batter
we’re going to use the method that I’ve
kind of started doing on a regular basis
which is combining the cheese and dry
ingredients initially so 1/4 cup of
mozzarella 1/2 tablespoon of coconut
flour 1 teaspoon of granular sweetener
I’m going with mocha sweet swerve as
good as well 1/4 teaspoon of baking
powder and 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon and
then we’ll process this until it looks
like bread crumbs to this we’ll add 1
egg 2 tablespoons of our pumpkin pie mix
these were the frozen nuggets 45 seconds
in the microwave for two of them is just
what it needs to thaw him out 1/2 a
tablespoon of sour cream and 20 drops of
liquid stevia
then we’ll process until we have a
smooth batter
one last thing we’re going to do to add
a little extra texture to this is we’re
going to throw in three of my candied
pecans and we’ll put the recipe right up
there for that I’ll put these in a
baggie crush them up with a mallet
and mix them in with our batter add
about half the batter to your waffle
maker I kind of dab around the edges
here to flatten it out this batter tends
to expand and leak out so you don’t want
to overfill it’s been four minutes and
for the most part it’s done steaming get
this off to a cooling rack I kind of
feel like this is a special occasion so
we’re gonna hit these chapel’s with some
homemade whipped cream
and now the taste test
this is what a pumpkin pie chaffle should
taste like it shouldn’t taste like canned
pumpkin it should taste like pumpkin pie
and that’s what this is right here I
have goosebumps this is really really
good and those chopped up candied pecans
they add that extra little bit of
texture and flavor that is so good
these chaffles are gonna be great with
just about whatever sensible thing you
put on it whether that’s whipped cream
or cream cheese or syrup these are
really good
I’m I’m very happy with how this turned
out if you can’t tell so it’s a little
bit more work on the front end because
you’re making the whole pie filling but
once you’ve done that it’s very easy to
be whipping out batches of these so give
it a shot
whip out some batches enjoy the pumpkin
chaffle and thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “The BEST Pumpkin Pie Chaffle

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  • I tried 1 regular pumpkin Chaffle recipe and I was SUPER disappointed!! I canโ€™t wait to try this recipe. Looks like exactly what I wanted!!

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