Keith Crowns Instagram’s Next Dog Superstar

– Welcome back to the season finale of The Barkchshler,the internet’s favorite dog review show.I’m your host, contestant, judgeand Barkchshler himself, Keith Habersberger.What a time we’re having.Guys, we’re here.There are four dogs.(imitating gun noises)(laughs)These four dogs, for the last five days,have been posting at least one post a dayand at least one story a dayand […]

Basic Rules of Keto Diet, Let’s Dig Deeper – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet, Pat Chatedition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make these videos to really bring the bestand sometimes the worst of the Internet to your eyes so that you can make betterdecisions about keto low-carb healthy lifestyle and just generally making surethat the good information […]

The Nutrition Behind Squash

(whoosh)When you think about healthy foods,what’s the first thing that comes to mind?Spinach?Blueberries?Well, today we want to shine the spotlight on somethingthat may not have been on your radar, squash.Jackie’s learning why it should bepart of your healthy diet.(upbeat instrumental music)(food processor whirring)– Hey guys, it’s Jackie, and today we are talkingall things squash, and […]

24 Hour Food and Nutrition Journey

Hello – I’m Hoa!And, like you, I work in a garment factory here in Vietnam.We all work long hours.It’s tiring.Often we skip meals or don’t eat the right things.And that can impact our health.Because if we don’t eat enough healthy foods that affects our energy levelsand can lead to problems.How do I know this?Well…Not so […]

Are pre-made salads during pregnancy safe? | Nourish with Melanie #110

Are you craving a lush vibrant salad?Maybe it’s the beckoning warmer weather, the BBQ sizzling, or just your body’s desire toeat healthily during your pregnancy.But, you’re wondering are pre-made salads during pregnancy safe?Well stay tuned and I’ll tell you exactly what the latest research says.Hi, for those of you who don’t know me, my name […]

Bloating | How To Prevent Bloating | Feeling Bloated (2020)

How to prevent bloating? Many people suffer from bloating.A feeling of fullness, gas in the intestines, bloated stomach, even spasmodic abdominal pain.These symptoms are annoying and disturb our everyday life.The problem with bloating is often the production of excessive gas in the intestines.Intestinal bacteria break down components of food that we did not break down […]

BSc Nutrition/Graduate View

My name is Alexandra DixonI’m from Zimbabwe and I just recently graduatedwith a BSc in NutritionI decided to study Nutrition after I attendedchef school in South Africawe had weekly dietetic lessons and I just found it wasreally interesting to learn the science and functionbehind our food and what we’re eatingI chose to study at Brookes […]

Fast Food Lovers Find The Best Dollar Menu

– Sup 2018?– Hey, we’re gonna be tryin’ out some foods today.– Maybe you’ve heard of the dollar menu.– Oh yeah, that’s your favorite discount duo.– Discount duo!Some would call us a broke Worth It.(laughing)– Yeah, we’re gonna be tryin’ out the dollar menu todayat a bunch of different restaurants.– Bunch of different restaurants.(laughing)– Let’s […]

Creative Chaos vs. Clutter [Feng Shui Thoughts]

Okay, so this is a teensy bit random, maybe, but I’ve been hearing a lot about this topiclately and, you know, you’re going to find this conversation to be familiar. It’s beenoddly relevant for the last year or two.Anyway, there’s a well-known feng shui maxim that your living space and work space shouldbe clean, tidy, […]

OB-GYNs Debunk 25 Pregnancy Myths

Laura Riley: Oh, this is my favorite.“Pregnant women need to eat twice as much.”Absolute myth.Don’t do it.You really actually only need about 200 extra calories a dayover a normal American diet.And that’s assuming that you’re starting pregnancyat a normal weight.“Sex during pregnancy hurts the baby.”Well…Dena Goffman: “Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks.”This is a myth.I’m Laura […]