My Favorite Fast Food Items From Culver’s

Hello everyone, this is running on emptyFood review. Well, hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food reviewI’m your host the report of the weekCulver’sWhat the heck is a Culver’s? What is it?Review brah tell me what is it? Well, that’s what I’m here to discussThat’s what I’m here to […]

Fast Food Fish & Chips in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 47

Oh my god, I scared eh.Okay. 1, 2 , 3.Hi guys!Hi!Hi!McDonald’s,Burger King,Popeyes!Texas chicken!Long John Silver’s!Oh, the crumbly bits.Actually I love all the fast food because,I have a very mainstream, basic taste.So as long as the fast food has it,means a lot of people like it,it means I’ll like it.McDonald’s!They have been changing the gameLong John […]

Fast Food Kale? Is Chick-fil-A’s Superfood Side Scary?

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty …Food Review!Well,Happy Halloweenladies and gentlemen and everyone watching!This is Running On EmptyFood Review!I am your host TheReportOfTheWeek.Halloween…Halloween is such a fascinating holiday, you know?Where…I mean there’s there’s nothing else like it.I know I did a lecture a few years ago where I was kind of I was bashing […]

My Favorite Fast Food Items From McDonald’s

Hello everyone, this is running on emptyfood reviewWell, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the weekso I think the title is mysterious IThink you clicked on this and you’re trying to figure out what is this video about?Because it […]

The Try Guys Try 14 Hours Of Labor Pain Simulation

-A little more intense.(Ned screams)(Keith joins)-This is gonna be the greatest video you ever watch.(Ned screams more)(Screams dissolve into wailing)-I am going to recreate Ariel’s labor for 14 hours.KEITH: We’re gonna put Ned through the gauntlet.EUGENE: Three of us are basically gonna torture Ned for an entire day.KEITH: Through the actual labor that Ariel went […]

$1 Bagel vs. $1,000 Bagel

– [Steven] Andrew.– Yes.– [Steven] Want to ice skate?– Are you a confident ice skater?(energetic piano)– We’re here at the rink at Rockefeller Center.– Bagels.– Bagels.– Bagels.– Bagels.– Andrew?– Today, on Worth It, we’re gonna try three bagelsat three drastically different price pointsto find out which one is the most worth it at its price.– […]

We Make Buzzfeed’s Steven Lim Eat Beef Heart | FOOD FEARS

– I have one more special treat, ’cause I know – Uh oh. you’re used to some very high-end foods. – Oh no! (laughing) – I watch the show, hold on! – No! Hold on, we aim to impress our guests here. (rhythmic music) Welcome to Food Fears, where I make something you hate taste […]

$5 Fast Food Poutine vs. $35 Foie Gras White Truffle Poutine

I think the taste is better than *beep*SorryFirst of all, it makes sense you can’t blame me for pronouncing it likeIt’s basically meat butterSo goodFunny story though I grew up in MontrealSo I grew up on Poutine butI lost my French culture and my French words when I came to VancouverAnd also because my Mom […]