Dark Hokkien Mee (Fried Prawn Noodles) Recipe – Cooking with Bosch

Cooking with BoschDark Hokkien Mee Fried Prawn NoodlesCut 150g of Chinese Flowering Cabbage into smaller piecesSlice 100g of Fish Cake200g of Boiled Pork BellyRemove the skin membrane, and cut 200g of Fresh Squid into ringsBeat 3 EggsFinely Chop 20g of Garlic with the MaxoMixx Hand BlenderIn a clean beaker, finely chop 15g of ShallotsIn a […]

Top 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We All Miss – Part 8

These lists make me so hungry!I swear I am eating more fried stuff with cheese after hosting these videos…ah well…honey loves me a mozzarella stick!Welcome back to most amazing top 10!I am Rebecca Felgate and today I am hitting you with the top 10 discontinued fast foodmenu items we all miss….Part 8….. which seems like […]

Boiled Shrimp with Spicy Dipping Sauce | Thai Food | Goong Luak Jim | กุ้งลวกจิ้ม

Boiled Shrimp with Spicy Dipping SauceShrimp 300 gChili 7Garlic 4Fish sauce 2 ½ tbspSugar 1 tbspLime ¼ cup

How to Boil a Fresh Giant Pacific Octopus Arm (Boiled Octopus Sashimi Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.”Konnichiwa. This is Mizudako, giant Pacific octopus from Hokkaido.Today, we are preparing and boiling it as instructed without any rehearsal.This is an arm of a fresh sashimi-grade giant Pacific octopus.It was frozen so we let it sit to thaw in the fridge overnight.Now, rub the […]

3 Minute Boiled Pork Belly ASMR 3분 보쌈 ASMR EATING

Hi everyone!Today I prepared Garlic Pork Slicesradish wrap + perilla leaf+ spicy radish♥+ salted shrimps Let’s try it !LOLit’s really deliciousI didn’t add garlic for the first bite kkspicy radish + porkThis combination is also very delicious.i love this taste !Lettuce + porkradish ♥YumLettuce with meat is always correctWhen i eating meat,i always eating with […]

10 Times Fast Food Went Too Far

We have all probably heard of some odd sounding menu item from our favourite fast food chains– sometimes it turns out to be delicious, but other times it turns out to be somethingthe world never, ever needed. There’s no telling what weird things fast food restaurantsmight come up with. So here are just a few of those […]

Hard Boiled Egg Recipe: How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Egg Farmers of Canada presentsHow to make hard-cooked eggsWaterEggsPlace eggs in a single layer in saucepanCover the eggs with cold waterBring to a boil over high heatRemove from heatLet stand 18-23 minutesCool down eggs with very cold waterFor more recipes and tips, visit eggs.caGet cracking!

Perfect Avocado Toast with Soft Boiled Egg | A Sweet Pea Chef

Hey there, Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef, and I’ve got a great new way to enjoy avocadotoast today.I’m gonna show you a great avocado and egg toast that is so filling and delicious, Iknow you’re gonna love it.So let’s get started.First we need to soft boil the eggs.Bring a few inches of water […]

Why should I see a registered dietitian after being diagnosed with food allergy?

It’s really important to meet with a registered dietitian once you’ve beendiagnosed with food allergies or food intolerances to ensure that you arereally confident in knowing those foods andingredients that need to be avoided and what foods we can use to replace thosefoods that were missing suddenly. In children, it’s going to beessential to monitor […]

QUT Bachelor of Nutrition Science

Hi, my name’s Daisy Barnham. I graduated from QUT with a bachelor degree in nutrition.A nutritionist works with community groups on a population level to make changes to everydayhealth. The beauty of studying at QUT was the diversity of electives that were on offer.So I was able to study things that particularly were relevant for […]