🔝NUTRITION Vs. MEDICINE | With English Subtitles | Nutrition Guru | Sanjeev Pandey

Namaskar Friends !Once again You are welcome to Health Khjana In today’s episode we will try to understsnd, what is the difference between “Medicine & Nutrition”and how do they work for our body?As we can see in today’s societyMajority of the people are getting dependent on medicines for there well beingThey feel medicines will take […]

[Korean Food] green tomato pickles | side dish recipe | fall meal prep ideas

Hello. Welcome back to my channel. It is Stella’s recipeToday, we are going to make a pickled tomato. The tomato that we’re going to use today hasn’t ripe yetYou can use a ripe tomato, but when you find an unripe one, and don’ know what to do about it, this recipe will save you.So, if […]

Ponche Crema 🎅 Liqueur rhum 🥃, lait 🐮 et œufs 🥚

hi rebellious cooksit’s YannickChristmas holidays are comingsoon you will share a meal with your families and friendswhat better than a good cocktail to start the eveningtoday I show you how to make crema ponchefollow mefor the ingredients we will needvanilla extractHalf a litre of milk3 egg yolks30 g cornstarchwhich corresponds to 4 tbsp (1/4 cup)we […]

झटपट बनाइये स्वादिष्ट आलू रोटी | Aloo Roti Recipe | Leftover Boiled Potatoes Recipe | Evening Snacks

Potato (4 pcs)I have used night’s left over potato’sAll Purpose Flour [Maida] (1cup)Salt as per tasteBaking Powder (1 tsp)Ghee to fry rotiFirst we will cut potatoand smash themAdd All purpose flour [Maida]SaltBaking PowderMix wellAdd little gheeghee will make dough smoothand it don’t get drymake balls of itmake roll of it. dust floor with All purpose […]

Natural Vitamin C Face Mask/Skin Whitening And Say Bye To Blemishes/ Amazing Results!!

Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and merciful. Aslamu Alaikum, welcome back to my channel Beauty Tips. today i am going to make vitamin C face mask for you guys which will not only make your skin white but it will also cause skin tightening. it will give your skin a very […]

Kann Fast Food die Wertschätzung für frische und gesunde Lebensmittel fördern?

We have students here with us, who won a cookery course with me.We will make something appropriate for young people.And of course everything will be homemade.I am Bianca from Metro. I will keep it short.Metro stands for diversity. Metro stands for progress.And above all Metro stands for consumption of good foods.Hello, I am Karl. Surnames […]

Tuna fish sandwich recipe Cooking ASMR relaxing no talking – Quick Easy Tasty

Tuna SandwichASMR a relaxing cookingNo talkingYou will need Tuna, Bread and boiled eggsMayonnaise and butter

How to cure Vitamin B12 Deficiency at home for FREE !!! (with English Subtitles)

Hello Friends! I, Kaushik Dhandhukiya, welcome you all on our Swasthya Premi Pariwar YouTube ChannelSwasthya Premi Pariwar is performing health awareness activities throughout India for last 2 Years…As we all know, now a days health conscious and aware people are spreading a word in every country of the world about…How to cure any kind of […]

MSc Human Nutrition

The importance of nutrition and maintaining health is a growing area of interest and the demand fromthe public for more information has never been greater. Our MSc in HumanNutrition run with the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health is developing theskills of the next generation of nutritionists to tackle these global challenges.We will give you […]

Natural way to add Vitamins and Minerals to your DIY Probiotics.

Good day to everyone Again we are here foranother video tutorialthat can help our farmerswho are into chicken and livestock raising This is our response to to our farmerswho are requestingfor the second partof the DIY Probioticsthat I have shown in the previous videoon that episode I have promised thati will show youon how we […]