Шок-контент. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Первый тру обзор

Optimum Nutrition. One of the top supplement companies around the WorldWhat can we expect from them? Only the best products.And still, we don’t have a full, detailed review of this gainerYou can only find “unboxing-style” videos and comments about the tasteWe were hoping it’s gonna be really greatWhen we decided to fully test itBut the […]

Optimum Nutrition | Quality Supplements

this shouldn’t be hard if you’re not seeing the progress you feel you deserveyou’re slacking offGold Standard Whey was the first protein powder that I ever bought and ever usedit’s pretty hard to ignore a name like Gold Standard Whey when the first walk into asupplement store. But I went with it. It tasted great. […]

How Are Creatine & Whey Protein Different? – NutraScience Labs Podcast

Welcome to this NutraScience Labs’ podcast.I’m Gene Bruno, Senior Director of Product Innovation for TCC Brands – including NutraScience Labs– and formulator of hundreds of dietary supplements over the past 30 years or so, includingseveral award-winning formulations.That either means I’m a smart guy or I’m an old fart whose been around long enough tohave gotten […]

Do Vitamin Supplements Really Work?

Do you want to lose weight quickly?Are you sleepy?Is your hair kind of gross?Try a supplement!There are hundreds of them.Surely one of them can help you.Right? Well, maybe not.[SPLASH INTRO]Supplements are a multi-billion dollar business.Unlike prescription drugs, the US government doesn’t regulatemanufacturer claims about what supplements “could”do for you or how well they do it.It […]

5 Supplements For Triathletes | An Introduction To Nutritional Supplements In Triathlon

– What is a supplement?In simple terms, it’s something that you takealong side your normal food that willhelp your overall well being and also to make surethat your body meets its nutritional demands.So in this video, we’re going to be going intoa little more detail as to exactly what a supplement isand then covering my […]

How to Make Caramel (Whey Caramel)

hi friends! Whey is a byproduct of cheese making and if you’re a cheesemaker like I am, you’re constantly finding yourself with too much whey.I’m always looking for recipes to use it up.Well today, I have somethingspecial for you! I’m making caramel and it just might be the creamiest mostdecadent caramel you’ve ever tasted. So […]

The Science of the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Alright folks, today we’re talking thedos and don’ts of one of the world’s best foods, the grilled cheese sandwich.And yes, we’ve got the science to back it up.There are so, so many different typesof cheese out there, but there’s onetype you want when it comes to grilledcheese – the kind that’s nice and stretchy.So then […]

Paleo Diet Explained – The Good and The Bad

Ever looked on the internet for the best weightloss diets? If you have, you’ve probably read about the next best diet in the worldcalled the Paleo Diet. But what exactly is this Paleo Diet and what makes it better thanall the other diets our there? Paleo is short for Paleolithic, a prehistoricperiod of human development […]