[ENG DIET VLOG]#31.자연식물식 30주차/추석특집 고삐풀린 다이어터 /자연식물식/간헐적 단식

Height: 165cm, Starting weight: 68.1kgToday I’m eating corn, potatoes, sweet potato, plums and applesHi everyone, it’s Oh Gong Sam 🙂 Did you all have a nice week?Since it was Chuseok, I went back home! As I’ve mentioned on my Instagram, dieting while I’m at home..will be on pauseI love spending time with my family on […]

【What A Ballerina Eats in a Day】My Healthy Easy Japanese Diet & Cooking

hi everyone its melody Narita I received tons of requests for a what I eat in a day video so today I thought I’d focus on the dinner portion so I can show you exactly how to create every dish along with my healthy diet secrets and detail it’s a menu I highly recommend as […]

HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks

– Hi guys and welcome back to my channel.In today’s video I’m gonna be sharing all of my top tipswith you guys on how to recover, or get back on trackafter eating like absolute crap.If you guys are new here, hello and welcome.My name is Becca and I would absolutely loveif you would subtribe to […]

What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Full Day of Eating!

so welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be doing a what I eat in a dayagain to give you guys some really good meal inspiration that to show you asample I like to do a few things so I internment fast a lot I also kind of eatintuitively switch whatever my body […]

What’s In My Fridge + Healthy Food Staples

(upbeat music) – I thought my brother almost ate out of that one the other day and I was like (gasps) he already was eating it and I was like ah, ’cause I didn’t label it. Now it’s labeled, so everyone’s safe. (optimistic music) Hey health nuts, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is […]

10 Foods I Eat Each Week | EASY and Healthy Meal Ideas

(lively music) – Hey HealthNuts. Welcome back to my channel. Today we’re gonna be talking about grocery shopping. Now, I know you guys love my grocery hauls, but today is a little bit different. We are talking about the 10 foods that I buy every single week without fail at the grocery store. You will […]

What I Eat In A Day ♥ Easy Healthy Vegan Meals | Canada

hey guys we are right now inmoira lakelocated in small town of madoc ontarioits such beautiful cozy little placeits funny all of our blog arein toronto this isthe place we got to escapeso were constantly leavingbut this place truly is one of ourlittle sanctuarieswe come here a lot in the summerwe’ve been here for about […]

What Healthy Asian Meals I Eat (NO SALADS) To Lose Weight & Get Back On Track

I don’t count anything. I don’t count calories. I don’t count macros. SoA lot of you have been requesting more healthy food flocksEspecially you want healthy food ie coming from a Chinese familyYou guys are also interested how to get back on track with your diet plan after going on some vacations like this girlThat’s […]

What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

– And also these snacks really easy to eat on the go. (chewing) I don’t know where I’m going. (upbeat music) So today we’re gonna be talking about what I eat in a day. I’ve seen a lot of your comments, I’ve seen how excited and interested you are about nutrition. I’m gonna be showing […]

Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Diet

Top 5 Tips for a Healthy DietHealthy food should contain balanced and specific amounts of all nutrients.This requires some important tips and steps that must be adhered to on a daily basis toachieve proper nutritional balance.Therefore, we have gathered for you today several important and useful tips to helpyou achieve the equation of healthy food […]