Eat This Not That | Healthy Food Swaps To Be Healthier!

so in today’s video I’m sharing with you some healthy swaps that you can make inyour life in your kitchen that are gonna help you be just that little bithealthier so let’s just go ahead and I get right into them instead of eatingrice opt for something like cauliflower rice not only will this up […]

Weight Loss Meal Prep | Healthy Recipes To Lose Belly Fat

[Music] everyone will come back so today I’ve got a meal prep video for you guys to go along with this 30 days flat belly challenge and I’ve got 10 meal ideas for you guys I think that is pretty amazing okay so I’ve got two breakfast ideas five lunch and dinner ideas and three […]

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Are Easy | paleo recipes

welcome back to my channel today we are doing some healthy breakfast I’ve gotfive different ones for you so you have one for every one of the school or thework week they’re all so delicious and so easy to make if you’re new subscribeand let’s go ahead and get into these healthy breakfast so first […]

SLIMMING SMOOTHIE RECIPES ‣‣ 4 easy smoothie recipes

(cheery music)– Hello, my friends.Welcome back to my channel.If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa.Today, I have got an awesome recipe video that is all aboutone of my favorite things to make: smoothies.You guys know I’m a big smoothie fan.If you watch any of my What I Eat in a Day videos,I pretty much […]


are you wondering what to snack on without gaining weight snacking one ofyour biggest kryptonite’s well it certainly is one of mine which is whyI’m gonna share with you three of my favorite snacks and I’m talking reallyreally good snacks you can have guilt free so get excited it’s time to getlaidwelcome back Smarties to […]

Healthy Burrito Bowl | paleo recipes for dinner

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video todaywe’re making some DIY burrito bowls inspired by Chipotle they’re easy tomake they taste delicious and also make a really good prep so for my protein I’musing it chickens with either just some chicken thighs chicken thighs have alittle bit more […]

Chewy Gluten Free Brownies | Paleo & Dairy Free

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ for I have a brownie treat for youbrownie lovers are you team cakey or a team fudgy personally I am fudgybrownies all the way and today I’m gonna teach you the secret to making the mostdense the most chewiest and mind-blowing dense and chewy brownies that […]


now the desert for diabetics is multigrain kesari sweetlets see the ingredients for multigrain kesariRagi Flour 100 gramswhole wheat rava 50 gramsoats 50 grams,gingelly oil 5 to 10 mlcardamom powder 10 gramsartificial sweetener to tasteragi flour 100 gramswhole wheat ravas 50 gramsoats 50 gramsgingelly oil 5 to 10 mlcardamom powder 10 gramsartificial sweetener to tastelet’s […]


that is a no-bake leaner-gizing energy ball guess what mmm taste, this is crazyWelcome back to a brand new episode of lean livinhello squadies welcome back to a brand new episode of lead living. you know whatit’s all about it’s all about showing you guys how easy eating lean andhealthy tasty foods can be and […]

Low Carb Chicken Broccoli Casserole – Keto Recipe

what is up everybody this is Lyle no hippie barbecue when I’m be hooking uptoday is gonna be a keto chicken casserolenow this chicken and broccoli casserole and is gonna be made with the chicken that I made in my slowcooker yesterday I’m gonna leave a link to that video in the iCard above anddescription […]