Dieselnoi Watches: Samart vs Dieselnoi the “Holy Grail” of Fights (1982) turn on English Subtitles

Good morning, My dear boxing fans.Today, Sylvie is going to interview me.S- Well, this match was very famous.S- And in the old days …We are talking about the match with Samart, right?S- Yes. Once you knew you were going to fight Samart, how long had it been since your last fight?At that time, I’ll say […]

Fasting with Stomach : Ramadan Lesson Islamic Cartoon for Kids Ep #7

RamadanLessons # 6 Fasting for StomachWhen we are fasting, either our stomach is fasting or our stomach is just starving.Today we will learn how our stomach fast, inshaAllah.If someone eats haram food and fast, he is basically starving not fasting.If someone wants to fast they have to eat halal food.Without halal food there is no […]

Defunctland: The History of Son of Beast

[News reporter] …secrets concerning the Son of Beast. I mean, I’d hate to think it might have happened,but did Kings Island hide the truth about the roller coaster’s safety?– I could have spun it with my finger.– It was that loose? – It was that loose.Hiya. My name’s Kevin Perjurer, and welcome to another edition […]

Top 10 Creepy Last Meal Requests

Welcome back guys to most amazing top 10, my name is Danny Burke and todays were takinga look at the top 10 creepy last meal requests.These are the meals that inmates on death row in America asked for in the hours leadingup to their execution.Obviously, food by itself isnt really creepy, but theres something about […]

How I Lost 65 Pounds With Intermittent Fasting And Walking: An Overview

so today I want to talk about how I lost weight with intermittent fasting justkind of like a an overview if you will because it took me a while to kind ofland on my current plan so back in 2014 that’s when I decided to lose weight thereason for it was I saw a picture […]

Kids Try Their Parents’ First Date Meal | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– I don’t think you should kiss on the first date.Give it a little while to think about it.– We kissed.Was that okay that we kissed on the first date?– No.(pleasant classical music)– How long do you think Daddy and I have known each other?– 12 years?– A little more.– Two decades?– Yup, correct.I was […]

Death Row Prisoners Crazy Last Meals

Late last evening you were taken from your cell on death row to the “Death House,”the room condemned prisoners stay in before they finally receive that ultimate punishment.Your stay will be short, but at least you have your own bathroom.A guard sits outside your cell at all times, because you are on what’s called death […]

How the Mysterious and Life-Changing Nutrient VITAMIN K2 Was LOST

During the 1930s there was a desperate health message that was tragically lost.It all began with the dentist named Weston A Price who was a Canadianthat practice in Cleveland Ohio.He was concerned that the patient’s he saw in his practicehad declining oral health and it was connected to their diet.His suspicion set him off on […]

WARNING: Does Stevia Lower Testosterone Levels? – by Dr Sam Robbins

In one of my popular videos, entitled “Top 10 Clinically Proven Testosterone Killers”,someone recently asked in the comments section, “does Stevia lower testosterone?”First, yes – I do read almost all the comments and reply back to as many as possible. Whichhas turned into a part-time job.However, I’ve made a promise to help my viewers and […]

The 10 Most Disgusting Things Found in Fast Food!

– Have you ever ordered food and been disappointed’cause it wasn’t exactly what you expected?Well, trust me, it could’ve been worse.If you like to eat out at restaurants or fast food joints,you may have experienced a situation or twowhere you ordered wasn’t exactly what was delivered.Oh man, that sucks, huh?But at least you didn’t almost […]