What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

– And also these snacks really easy to eat on the go. (chewing) I don’t know where I’m going. (upbeat music) So today we’re gonna be talking about what I eat in a day. I’ve seen a lot of your comments, I’ve seen how excited and interested you are about nutrition. I’m gonna be showing […]

How I Lost 60 pounds in less than 6 months… No exercise.

hey everybody good morning I’m Phillip Bridges and i’m gonna tell you how Ilost 60 pounds and six months without even exercising but let’s talk aboutwhen I started six months ago I was at to about two hundred and fifty poundsand I just really wasn’t happy with myself I was telling myself I was gonnalose […]

Желе из БЦАА. Желейные БЦАА. Рецепты спортивного питания

уважаемые подписчики года прокачка сегодня мы будем готовить человек же вешки доставки и значит для этого нам понадобится это полное право голова немного нежности отсутствуют о.м но в данном случае мы используем корр.итар тасс значит преступном для начала обзоре черезов в нем сейчас мы очень наступает очень остро которые были тяжелейшие а для тех желательно […]

20131107 Wheatbelly Brownies

Good morning. Today is Thursday, November 7th, 2013,and today’s topic is “Wheatbelly Brownies.”You’re probably aware of my many diets,including the Weekday Vegetarianism, the War on Sugar,the Ban on Sodas, and the Wheatbelly Cookbook.I’m trying to eliminate wheat products.and lot of grains and flours of that sort.Here we’ve got a recipe for Mocha Walnut Brownies, out […]

Prep for PEAK WEEK | Grocery Haul & Diet | VLOG | S3 Ep 10

hello everybody welcome to the vlog and happy peak week the video that you’reabout to watch is the week leading up to peak week and there’s a lot of thingsthat I had to do to get ready I’m gonna show you guys a sneak peak of mycompetition bikini which I am so excited about show […]


Did you ask if you could eat your chocolate?Who did you ask?Nobody.Nobody.Sorry Jordan.Take care of it.Take care of your dead worm?Stay hydrated and mind your own business.I see what is going on with the Youtube makeup gurus.To health and minding our business.Do you want to tell everyone what happened to your forehead.I bumped into Meema’s […]

What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Full Day Of Eating

good morning everyone and welcome it to another what I eat in a day I’m gonna betaking you along with me sharing you all the deliciousness because I love foodbut it’s also going to be healthy and healthy food can be delicious so youguys are probably gonna notice I’m a bit more Tam than normal […]

TRIATHLON DIET: what I eat in a day 2018 EDITION

– Morning, Trainiacs.Today is gonna be a day in the lifeof Triathlon Taren eating, 2018 edition.Let’s do it.It’s still just 6:30, so we gotta be a little bit quietfor NTK, okay?Shh.(exciting dance music)Shh.(exciting dance music)Alright, Trainiacs.So most mornings, I like to start off,very first thing, I get up and I crush about 16 ouncesof water, […]

Moby Crunch Chocolate – We “Eat THIS”

hello and welcome back to eat this with Eccchi Tenchi and Dargon! today we arejoined by my Mom and Baby Girl (Fro-Baby)! Okay, so my mom’s in this one because shedecided to pick this one out. It is crunchy chocolateby MOBY. Basically chocolate flavored Cheetos let’s do that let’s go ahead andread the ingredients. If […]

Visiting one of the World’s Best Markets with Cheeses, Desserts & more, Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones, Heather here. Do you have a marketplace like this aroundwhere you live. It’s absolutely incredible it’s all year round and thereare people with pies, some coffee and Vegetables. The farmers are here thebakers are here…come on…come along and join us and it all starts in just a few seconds. So in a […]