Vitamin K for Healthy Knees

Knee osteoarthritis is MORE common in people with low levels of vitamin K in their blood.I’m Erin White and THIS is a dailyRx Minute. Found in foods like green leafy vegetables,vitamin K supports bones and cartilage. People with LOW levels of vitamin K are about 33percent MORE likely to develop knee osteoarthritis and about 2 […]

Therapy Anorexia Eps 03 ” Manfaat Essensial Buah-Buahan Bagi Tubuh ” Sumber Vitamin dan Mineral

Problems With Low Vitamin B6: From Skin Conditions to Carpel Tunnel & More.

Hi guys.I want to talk about vitamin B6 today.Many doctors don’t ever think that vitamin B6could be involved in the problemthat their patient is having.And so I want to run through thesebecause you might find that you have some of these thingsand that you could get help with it.Vitamin B6is part of 150 different enzyme […]

This Vitamin Reverses Calcification In Your Arteries, Can You Guess Which one?

Hi guys! I’m going to talk to you about something that’s really interesting there we arein the middle of an epidemic of calcification of arteries in thiscountry. So, as people get osteoporosis their arteries calcify. A normal healthyartery pulsates every time the heart beats. So with that pulsation, thebody can regulate its blood pressure, it […]

Natural Vitamins из серии Siberian Super Natural Nutrition

Good day!We are continuing to discuss our flagship series – Siberian Super Natural Nutrition.Today we’ll take a closer look at Natural Vitamins.These are the first all-natural vitamins offered on the CIS market.Yury, a question immediately comes to mind regarding this:are natural vitamins really better than synthetic ones?How should we treat synthetic vitamins,which now make up […]

Abnehmen mit Vitamin D!

Chiropractor Fanwood & Scotch Plains Explains Vitamin C and Muscle Pain | Eric Chludzinski

Hello Dr. Eric here with Fanwood Back ReliefCenter. Today we are going to talk aboutvitamin C and muscle pain. Patientsdiagnosed Fibromyalgia use a varietyof different complementary andalternative treatments to help managetheir condition. Since medications insurgery are rarely indicated, the use ofsafer less toxic alternatives havebecome widespread. About 1/3 to 1/2 ofpatients reporting trying differenttypes of […]

✅ 8 signs and symptoms of vitamin d deficiency you need to know❗

hi and welcome in this video I want toshare with you eight signs and symptomsof vitamin D deficiency vitamin D is anextremely important vitamin that haspowerful effects on several systemsthroughout your bodyunlike other vitamins vitamin Dfunctions as a hormone and every singlecell in your body has a receptor for ityour body makes it from cholesterol […]

FOOD – DELICIOUS SCIENCE | A Mushroom Vitamin D Boost | PBS Food

(bushes rustling)(speaking in foreign language)– [Interpreter] This is a very good mushroom.Add it to some beans and it is as if you’ve added meat.Such a great flavor and aroma.– [Narrator] Surprisingly, we’ve discovered that mushroomsare a potential source of vitamin D.Just like us, they need this vitamin to surviveand they use it as protection from […]

VITAMIN A, part 1: Definition and causes of DEFICIENCY (#6)

Vitamin A deficiency is the most important cause of childhood blindness in developingcountries.This condition affects primarily children from Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterraneanand Africa.According to some estimates, about 40% of the world’s children can be lacking sufficientamounts of vitamin A and approximately one million children die each year because ofthis deficiency.The expression “vitamin A” refers […]