Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet with Dr. Ira Goodman

dr. Nick Delgado here our podcasts and webinar broadcasting to you from LasVegas Nevada at rad fest an attempt to look at immortality if we live longenough we can get there IRA Goodman yes and when Wendy Goodman you two have beenmarried for 30 years we just had a 30 year anniversaryWow understood by two […]

Tomato, Aubergine & Ricotta Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Everyday Super Food

Pasta is an ultimate comfort foodand I’ve given it the superfood treatmentteaming it up with a sauce celebratingsilky aubergines, sweet and tangy tomatospiked with garlic, basil and chili.It’s a comfort food dish with no guilt at allreally healthyand it’s all about loving these.So, I’m just gonna take the end off the auberginelike that.Just get rid […]

How to Eat Healthy and Make the Best Diet Choices

Alright! This is John Kohler with! Today we have another exciting episode foryou. I’m coming at you from my backyard garden here. It’s spring time, things areshooting up pretty good. Things are growing really well. But we’re not going to talkabout gardening or anything like that today. We’re going to talk about a very […]

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Breakfasts! | 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

(upbeat music)– Hey, Munchies, welcome to the channel if you’re newor if you’ve been around.I’m Alyssia, and I am stoked you are here.I know, we’re busy all the timeand quick breakfasts are always good to have on hand.But I find that especially to be true this time of yearbecause it gets so busy with the […]

Fast Food Kale? Is Chick-fil-A’s Superfood Side Scary?

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty …Food Review!Well,Happy Halloweenladies and gentlemen and everyone watching!This is Running On EmptyFood Review!I am your host TheReportOfTheWeek.Halloween…Halloween is such a fascinating holiday, you know?Where…I mean there’s there’s nothing else like it.I know I did a lecture a few years ago where I was kind of I was bashing […]

Healthy Diet for Children with Loren Lockman

I’m Loren Lockman, from the Tanglewood Wellness CenterI got a question today about feeding children. Needless to say many parents find dealing withfeeding children in a healthy way a difficult task, and may ever much more difficult to be awareof advertisements advertising all kinds of junk food to children, with a peer preassure to kids […]

Vrat Jeera Aloo | जीरा आलू | Stir Fry Boiled Potatoes With Cumin | (Sudha Rani Gupta)

Healthy & FAST Meals: How To Do It?

Hey, what’s up?John Sonmez from a fitness—actually, this is more of a diet related question today and I’m goingto try to give it my best answer here.Some of you are like, “What the heck?Why are you talking about fitness and diet on this channel?”Well, welcome to the channel.I talk about everything here.You could check […]

Try Guys Drunk Vegan Fast Food Taste Test

– Good afternoon internet! – Hi!– [Man] You want a shot?– [Zach] Yeah, I think we need a shot.– [Ned] We need a shot, yeah.– [Man] Alright.– Cause we’re drunk, but we could get more drunk.You okay?(laughing)– [Ned] We are drunk,and we’re gonna have fast food options.But fast food options that vegan peoplecan eat when […]

How To Make Zucchini Risotto From Rachael Ray 50

Zucchini risotto with a saffron and citrus stock. When we make risotto, the most important thing is the choice of pan. You want a pan with a rounded bottom so that you can get all of the starch developed in the short grain rice. We also want, ideally, a round wooden spoon, and this is […]