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Hey, Munchies!I really hope you guys enjoyed that video, we had SO much fun making it, but it tookFOR-EV-ER!But, we wanted to thank you guys for your amazing support, because we recently just reached400,00 SUBSCRIBERS!So nuts!You guys are literally the reason I feel so inspired to make this content, so thank youall so so much.To […]

Palak Ziada Shaljam Kum-Turnip Recipe-Spinach Recipes-Vegetarian Recipes Indian 2019

turnip and spinach gravy.very easy and very tasty recipe.Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook, you can do it! the best place for easy cooking.take a skillete and add turnip cut in cubes.those who are watching my video first time, i am mother of three and love to try new recipes and share it with you.subscribe […]