What I Eat in a Day #4 As a Vegan Registered Dietitian

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How Much Vitamin B12 Should We Take & Why? Dr Joel Fuhrman

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin which means it dissolves in water and travels throughour bloodstream and this can be a good thing because if we take too much it means thatany excess or unwanted amounts are excreted in our urine.B12 has many important roles in the body which includes playing a vital role in […]

Vitamin D Supplements, Cancer Risk, Low Vitamin D-Dr Greger

Vitamin D despite the name is actually a a pro-hormone and has many important multipleroles in the body from Maintaining the health of our bones and teeth to Supporting the healthof our immune system, brain, and nervous system. Regulating insulin levels, Supporting lungfunction and cardiovascular health and influencing the expression of genes involved in cancerdevelopment. […]


hi everyone welcome to tasting to thrive my name is Lauren and I’m a plant basedregistered dietitian with a Masters of Public Health in nutrition and dieteticsI asked you on Instagram to share with me your most common nutrition questionsand today I will be answering them for you if you have any questions further tothis […]

The Benefits Of A Vegan Diet ♥ Why I’m Vegan

so were here today eating at luv burgerwhich is an all vegan restaurant in Samara Costa Ricawe just ordered their very famous luv burgersand i thought it would be appropriate for me to talk to you about the benefits I get from being on a plant based dietaka being vegan# 1 is healthbefore i went […]

Best diet plan: no diet plan

Thank you so much for joining me again here today on ModVegan.My name is Margaret and I want to talk with you today about why I will neverwrite a conventional diet book. Diet and veganism seem to go together like ham andeggs – or maybe kale and tofu is more appropriate.Since the very beginning, authors […]

Eat This Not That | Healthy Food Swaps To Be Healthier!

so in today’s video I’m sharing with you some healthy swaps that you can make inyour life in your kitchen that are gonna help you be just that little bithealthier so let’s just go ahead and I get right into them instead of eatingrice opt for something like cauliflower rice not only will this up […]


Protein is made up of individual amino acids and our bodies are able to manufacture mostamino acids except a few which are called essential amino acids that we need to getfrom our diet.Most Animal foods are classed as complete protein as they contain all the essentialamino acids.However plant foods are considered incomplete proteins because they […]

Different Diets For Different Diseases? Keto-Cancer? Dr Michael Greger

Many proactive health conscious people when they have been diagnosed with a disease oftengo straight onto google and type in say ‘diet for hashimoto’s or best diet for migraineetc’ And It seems like there are so many different diets for different diseases.For example an extremely popular diet said to be able to reverse autoimmune disease […]

Dr Michael Greger In Heated Debate With Keto Promoter!

Recently Dr Michael Greger was being interviewed on The #1 Podcast For Muscle Building andPhysique Mastery.It felt like it got quite heated but actually I really enjoyed the interview.Often Dr Greger is being interviewed on vegan channels but it was refreshing to hear himon a channel that recommends the keto diet.To give some introduction to […]