Keto Diet for Beginners – Top 12 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!

Keto Diet for Beginners – Top 12 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!Keto is the new word going around.It describes a diet in which you drastically limit carbohydrates,and let your body run on fats.The keto diet is making waves in the diet community these days. For many, it seems to offer lasting results, a stable, healthy […]

Dairy Free Mint Ice Cream (No Machine) | Keto Ice Cream | Vegan Ice Cream

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com. Today’s ice cream recipe is my dairy-free,fresh mint ice cream.One of the really great things about this particular recipe is it does not require a machine, it is dairy-free, egg-free,sugar-free. In short, it is a vegan keto ice cream.And the great thing about this particular ice cream […]


boom sice dice chop who’s ready slice and dice today? todaywe are making a peanut pad thai vegan gluten free tasty better than anythingyou’ve ever had before and of course it’s Leanifiedhello squadies, welcome back to a brand new episode of lean living! we areslicing and dicing today. this here is the first and best […]

Is A Vegan Ketogenic Diet Healthy? Dr Greger & Dr Barnard

One of the most popular diets at the moment is the ketogenic diet.This diet was originally discovered as a useful treatment for epilepsy, however it’s beingwidely used today for weight loss and there are some clinical trials providing weak evidencefor an anti-tumor effect, particularly for glioblastoma.The ketogenic diet consists of roughly 90 percent of calories […]

Vegan Keto Meal Plan & Prep! SOY FREE! #kickstart2019

(upbeat music)– Hey Munchies I’m Alyssia, if you are new to the channel,welcome to the last January Kickstart episode.We’ve saved this very highly requested video for last,a vegan and keto meal plan for the day,and I’m showing you how I meal prep it too.So if you’re not familiar with keto,watch this video, it’s linked in […]

Watch this before you attempt the ketogenic diet

Welcome to the Raw Food Health Empowerment Show! I recently had thepleasure of sitting down with Liz McDowell of Meat-Free KetoWe talked about why she went from vegan to a ketogenic diet, the pitfall she’sexperienced, the positive benefits of doing keto and some things to look outfor if you’re interested in doing a ketogenic diet […]