✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Parrots

DISCLAIMER: YOU MIGHT KNOW SOME OF THESE IF SO, GIVE YOURSELF A HIGH-5! :]THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT PARROTSWhen a music disc is played, parrots will party.They can also fly and dance at the same time.The dancing is a reference to the “Party Parrot” internet meme..=OThis meme has apparently been really popular among the development […]

Tres Leches Mexican Flan Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 239

I just came back from Mexico and I have a wonderful recipe for you: Tres Leches Flan. Tres leches means “3 milks” because we are going to make the flan with regular milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk. It’s different from the Spanish flan – this one is a little thicker. We are also going to […]

How to make Vanillekipferl (Crescent-Shaped Vanilla Cookies) – Recipe

VIENNAFOODTRIP: Vanilla KipferlIngredients 300 g Flour, 2 Yolks, 80g Walnuts, 80g Icing Sugar, Pinkch of Salt & 200g ButterMix itRefrigerate for 30 min. with plastic wrapPortioningPreheat the oven to 170°and bake for 12-15 minutes100g Icing sugar + Vanilla pulpVIENNA FOODTRIP: Vanilla KipferlDiscover further recipes & videos on recipes.vienna.infoVienna – Now.Forever

Butter Pecan Ice Cream – Low Carb / Keto

Hello.PakNatural; The Keto Kween Here; with a video on how to make Butter Pecan Ice Cream.1 cup of vanilla almond milk.2 cups of heavy whipping cream.3/4 cup of Truvia; or the sweetner of your choice.A dash of salt.1 tbsp of vanilla extract.Mix Well.Now it’s time to prepare the ice cream maker.Once you put the mixture […]

Delicious & Easy to Make Keto Ice Cream

Hey guys Naomi here. I want to share with you an incredible incredibly deliciousand yummy keto ice cream recipe. I don’t know how many of you love ice cream asmuch as my family does but the only way I could get us to go keto was to bringthe best recipe I could find into our […]