How to find out if an egg is boiled or raw | how to cook

How to find out if an egg is boiled or rawTo find out if an egg is boiled or raw, spin it like you would a top.If it stops after one or two spins, then it’s raw. If it keeps spinning, then it’s hard-boiled.

DIY Anti-Aging & Brighten Vitamin C cream/lotion/serum (Updated Recipes)

Hey beauties! Shine bright like a diamond.I wish I could sing. Welcome back and I have some orange blossom water.If you do not know what this is, make sure to visit this video. It’s one of mybeauty secretsfor happy hydrated skin.Do not panic if this isn’t in your kitchen. You can use other hydrosolsAKAfloral water […]

AGA How To Videos: How to cook boiled rice

Once you have an AGA, some of the things you thought were difficult are suddenly reallyeasy, like perfect rice. It’s very simple just weigh your rice, 2 ounces or 50g perperson and then put it into a measuring jug, read off the volume, tip it into your saucepan.Now you need to just add twice the […]

How To Build A LEGO Fast Food Restaurant Kitchen DIY Tutorial

Let’s build an awesome LEGO fast-food kitchen.The parts list will be provided in the description below.what are we waiting for let’s get started take an 8by 16 plate for the base for our walk-in refrigerator and freezer let’s place a 1by 2 by 2 corner plate in the top left followed by 3 by 6 […]



The Best And Easiest Way To Extract Boiled And Roasted Chestnuts

Welcome back-so today i will be telling you about chestnutschestnuts are edible sweet nutthey have an inedible hard outer shellchestnuts are available these days in all supermarketsi prefer taking chestnuts which are flattened on one sideunlike other nuts they are relatively lowin calories and fatschestnuts can be baked boiled or roastedfresh chestnuts are very hardwash […]

How To Calculate Nutrition – Mind Over Munch Tips and Tutorials

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to the first video after the January series. Before wejump into too much healthy goodness on the videos I wanted to take one quick video toanswer a question that a lot of you guys asked on Instagram and YouTube and that is, howdo you calculate nutrition of recipes? So […]

Power Your Glow with Vitamin Nectar Glow Powder and Allana

Hey guys my name is Allana I have super dry and sensitive skin I also travel alot and I really suffer from having dull and tired looking skin and I like to usea lot of products that really help to add a lot of glow and light back intomy face so I don’t look like […]

How To Give Yourself a Vitamin B-12 Injection 💉

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. [I] had no intentionsI’m filming this videoBut I figured I wouldBecause when I started doing this I had no idea what I was doing and I had to google a lotSo I figured I would do a little how-toTutorial on giving yourself a B12 injection [ah] IWasn’t taught […]