Pro Complex Gainer By Optimum Nutrition (My Complete No BS Review)

Yo, what’s going on?Troy here, vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada.I hunted down turns out only store in town.We’ve got Vegas Discount Nutrition.I also find it really funny that they’ve got the Cupcakery right next to a weight lossand supplement store.So actually just got done reviewing the Pro Gainer Mass Gaining supplement that I knowyou […]

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass (My Complete No BS Review)

Hey, what’s going on guys?Troy Adashun here with and today we have another awesome episodeof the no BS supplement review.What I’m going to break down today is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass.What I did here is I analyzed every single aspect of the nutrition, so I dove deep intoall of the supplement facts.I broke down […]

Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth: Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here, We’re going to talk about post workout nutritionin this video. I’m going to give you guys some radical, outside-the-box tips on howyou can really speed up your muscle growth at the most important time of the day, thatis post workout. You go in the gym and you’re […]

Muscle Building Meals From McDonalds? High-Protein Fast Food Cheat Meal

What’s going on guys? Troy here with and I just got back from the beach. I’mstarving. I got a workout in a couple of hours, and I want a protein packed muscle-buildingmeal, so guess where I am right now? I’m at McDonalds. Believe it or not I have figuredout a way to order a […]

Mass Gaining Diet: Try This High Protein Breakfast

Hey, Hey, what’s up guys? Troy here with I’m going to prepare for you guess one ofmy favorite muscle building breakfast. This has 70 grams of protein, about 40 grams ofslow digesting carbohydrates, it’s really high in Omega-3s and it’s also an really easysolution to those dry left over chicken breasts.What I’m going to […]

Best Tasting Protein Bars: 3 Healthy Protein Bars That Taste Like Dessert

Hey, what’s going on guys? Troy here with Showing up here inbeautiful Venice Beach, California and I’m super excited to share the topic with youguys today because I’m sure you guys have come across a bunch of protein bars when yougo to your supplement store, when you go shopping online, when you go to […]

I Want To Gain Weight: 3 Mass Building Secrets From A Fitness Model

What’s up guys? Troy here with Welcome to my underground layer. It’s actuallyone of my favorite weekend hangouts and I’ll hang out down here with my Ninja Turtle friends.We’ll eat pizza with protein shakes, we’ll do lots of push-ups. We’ll invite a bunchof girls down here and we’ll just hang out. By my Ninja […]

Grocery Shopping For Mass Gains + Full Day Of Eating

Yo, what is going on guys?Troy Adashun here with and today I got an exciting video.I just got back from the grocery store.I tried to film the entire clip at the grocery store, they unfortunately kicked me out.Actually I went to two different grocery stores.I went to Trader Joe’s and I went to Whole […]

Weight Gain Protein Shake: 2,400 Calorie Peanut Butter Gorilla Mass Builder

Yo, guys, what is going on guys.Troy today’s video I’m going to share with you guys a delicious 2,400 calorie mass buildingsmoothie that’s going to help you make some amazing lean bulking gains.I’ve been cutting for the past four or five months.I just started doing a lean bulk and I have a feeling I’m […]