Best Keto Tortilla Cheese Wrap Recipe

Welcome to ketogenic recipes from your we are making a Keto Tortilla Wrap filled with Cottage & Cheddar Cheese.This is one of my favourite lunch recipes, I even share this with my office colleagues,and they never realize that they are eating a  Ketogenic Wrap!This detailed video has four sections.The first section is about making […]

2-Ingredient Homemade Tortillas! Two Ingredient Takeover Mind Over Munch

Hi there and welcome to Mind Over Munchtwo ingredient takeover. Where I make delicious recipes out of two simpleingredients. Today I’m making mytwo ingredients tortillas. The two ingredients areQuinoa flourand water.Start by pouring your flour into a bowl or measuring cup.Then add in your water and an optional pinch of salt.Whisk well to get rid […]

Low Carb Tortilla Recipe on Keto Diet

hi everybody i’m phillip bridges and today we’re going to make keto tortillasfirst we want to grab some coconut flour and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnameasure the coconut flour out to about one cup you don’t have to use coconutflour you can also use a almond flour if you want so but today […]