Does Aspirin Remove Stains as Well as Bleach? | Tested Hacks | Well Done

– I was blown away when I heard thataspirin could whiten clothes as well as bleach.If this does work,this will be a great way to use that expired aspirinthat’s in your medicine cabinet.I’ve stained two shirts the same waywith items from the kitchen:red wine, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup.To see if this works,I’m gonna do a […]

Eggnog Protein Bark – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by Nutracelle I’m Melanie Wildman and I’vebeen able to maintain over a hundred pounds of weight loss after my surgeryby changing the food that I eat and I’m going to show you today how to makeunhealthy food taste super yummy and help you lose weight and keep it off […]

Air Fryer Fried Fish – Lemon Butter Cod – Air Fryer Recipe

everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ and then no hippie BBQ we’re notjust about the chillin and Grillin lifestyle sometimes we need to bring indifferent techniques of cooking just to keep things interesting today we’regonna be doing some air fryer fried fish we’re gonna be using my airfryer if youwatch this video and […]


Hey guys! It’s Jana!And I am so excited we’re going to do a new recipe todayI am going to make delicious brownies with Reese’s Cups in themso we’re doing this from scratch just because it’s betterand I just wanted to share this recipe with youI know you guys love the baking videos and the cooking […]

Lemon Curd Sachertorte | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

Welcome to A Recipe Reborn, featuring your favourite foods from Final Fantasy XIV.Hello, my name is Lemon Drop and I recreate dishes as close as I can to the in-game recipe, description and thumbnail.If you’re into XIV and food, please subscribe and click the bell for a new episode every Tuesday.Today I am making a […]

How To Cut A Mango + Easy Mango Smoothie Recipe

this is one of my favorite all-time fruits eating it raw…lassis… which we’regoing to show you how to make a mango lassi just because look we make friendswith neighbors relatives mama has even mailed these to people there’s so manyof these it can start walking back pretty quickly so we’re gonna have toeat up before […]

Full day of eating Keto Breakfast| Lunch | Dinner| Low carb high fat LCHF recipes

hi guys I hope all of you are doing really good and this is the view from mybalcony it’s getting bit chilly out here in Sydney but today it’s it looks like abeautiful sunny and warm day outside and in today’s video I’m going to do a fullday of doing keto diet so in today’s […]

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing Recipe – Danny Seo

I love ranch dressing, but what I don’t love is all the fat and calories that gointo this. So, I want to show you my homemade yogurt ranch dressing.Lower in calories, lower in fat, 100% delicious.Now to make this I need a tablespoon ofdried parsley, and then we’re gonna do fennel tops, and I just […]

How to Cook Palitaw

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy!I’m Vanjo Meranoand today we’ll be cooking a very simple “kakanin” (rice cake)this is the type of recipe which you’ll be amazed to know how easily it’s madethis is what you call easy “Palitaw” (it’s so easy!)and these are the ingredients for our easy “palitaw” recipeglutinous rice flourwatershredded coconut or “kinayod na […]

Cornbread (Oksusu-ppang: 옥수수빵)

(bright music)– Hi, everybody!Do you like corn?Yes, you do, then let’s high five.I love corn.I love just corn by itself.I love the flavor and texture.And any dishes made with corn,that’s always my favorite.Today, I’m going to make Korean old-fashioned cornbread.Cornbread is called oksusu-ppang.Oksusu is corn.Ppang is bread.When I was at elementary schoolmy school used to […]