Q & A: Does vitamin K2 MK7 really help?

Venu Gopal: This K2 MK7 really help? Nobody knows. There’s clearly evidencethat it does. I have started taking it again I looked at the original clinicaltrials on K2, and some of them are good sometimes, some of them show evidence.Some of them don’t. The only one that really shows significant evidence is theRotterdam trial. And […]

Joleen Murray, Dietetics & Nutrition Health – K-State Global Campus

Being a mother of eight is not an easy task. I have eight mouths to feed,eight kids to get up in the morning for school.We are running to activities all day long,especially because the oldest being 15, and then the youngest being 4,you go from one extreme to the next.Hi, my name is Joleen Murray […]

Sally Walker is off to the Olympics

I haven’t been to Japan before.Really looking forward to exploring ithowever I think my time might be a bit limited being in the Athlete Village a little bitI’m Sally Walker I’m the Senior Dietitian at the NSW Institute of Sport.In Tokyo I will be one of the team dietitians for theAustralian team. We’ll be working […]

Why I’m Studying Nutrition With ECU – Shona’s Story

My name is Shona Halleen and I am currently studying Bachelor of Health Science, majoringin Nutrition at ECU. I definitely have a passion for helping people and a passion for foodso putting them together definitely comes into nutrition and I definitely want to helpwith future generations and to help prevent obesity and that coming stronger […]

Easy to Peel Farm Fresh Boiled Eggs

People always ask “how do I get my eggs that are farm-fresh to peel easy?”I’m gonna show what we do. First wash the eggs. I’m using 1 day old eggs. Dry them and poke a hole in the wide end. I used this device that came with our steamer.This end has a small pin.If you […]

It’s Personal: Parkview Sports Medicine sports dietitian Sami Kauffman

I’m Sami Kauffman, the dietician at Parkview Sports Medicine Performance.I take every one of my patients’ nutritional journeys personally.Their goals are my goals. I want to see them succeed as much as any other person inmy life that is close to me. The reason for that is food has always beenmy passion, and making sure […]

$2 bills at fast food drive-thrus: what will happen? bonus from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary

There’s a famous story about a Taco Bell that refused two dollar bills becausethey didn’t think they were real, so today we’re going to take this stack of$2 bills and spend them at Taco Bell a number of other fast-foodestablishment to see what happens when we pay only with two dollar bills.Try Kentucky Fried Chicken […]

What Does A Dietitian Do For You?

We sort of try to find out what people’s goals are and what they’re looking at.So sometimes they don’t really have goals. Sometimes they come to us and they say“Just give me some information, I’m confused,” and so we can explain it, youknow, in as much or as little detail as they need. And then […]

Dietitian Reviews NKDEP Diet Factsheets

The ADA, ah, the ADA, ah, diet manual and I found them and I got really, I actually got really excited about them because they’re great handouts for patients.So-And I am using them, for my kidney patients.

Trainspotting – Vitamin C

I’ve got the money.Personality.I mean, that’s what counts, right?Personality.That’s what keeps a relationship going through the years.Like heroin.I mean, heroin’s got great fucking personality.Swanney taught us to adore and respectthe National Health Servicefor it was the source of much of our gear.We stole drugs, we stole prescriptions, or bought them,sold them, swapped them, forged them, […]