MIRCHI inside PRAWN BAJJI prepared by my daddy Arumugam / Village food factory

Youtube music library musicGopi : DaddyWhat ?Son today preparation Prawn bajji RecipePrawn bajjiDaddy says get ready to cleaning processYes proceed daddyOKBaby cryingLet’s first clean the shrimp skinDaddy teach othersIt took two and a half hours to clean upThis black is a wasteThere will be two sidesThis is how it should be takenIt’s like AlvaThis is […]

Vitamin D and Diabetes

You’ve probably heard that Vitamin D is really important for overall health but doyou know why?Well, here’s one reason that’s good to know during cold and flu season: Vitamin Dsupplementation is 10 times more effective than the flu vaccine in people with low VitaminD levels.Another reason it’s important is that Vitamin D deficiency has been […]

نقص الفيتامين د ,أسبابه وأعراضه وعلاجه .Important video about vitamin D deficiency

Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell and press the button LikeDo not forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell and press the button Like assalamo alaykom ,warahmato llah wa barakatohWelcome to our distinguished viewers in your garden In a previous video we talked about the lack […]

How to Start Over in Life – 7 Priceless Tips

Things happen.Sometimes, life will force you to start over from scratch.Instead of freaking out, you can view the experience as something that will help youbecome the person you are destined to be.It’s another chance for you to be happy.This video will go over 7 things to help you start over again in life and make […]

बाल झड़ना रोकें और बालों को स्वस्थ रखें Vitamin Supplements के द्वारा (Biotin, Folic Acid etc)

Hi friendsIn this videoI will be telling you about those vitamins and minerals which are essentialto keep our hair healthyand are also essential for hair growthWhen there is a deficiency of these vitamins and minerals in our bodythen our hair begin to dry outbecome thinand also start falling prematurelyBut when we address this vitamin deficiencyby […]

Myth-Busting the Plant-Based Diet | In The Kitchen With Pampered Chef

– Hi, I’m Sandyand I’m back in the kitchen with Pampered Chef.In this episode, I’m gonna talk aboutthe plant-based diet and some common mythsthat go along with this very popular way of eating.(upbeat music)So let’s get real for a minute.What does a plant-based diet look like.A plant-based way of eating focuses on foodsmostly from plants.This […]

Can my cravings predict my baby’s gender? | Nourish with Melanie #38

When you’re pregnant, family, friends and even strangers love to predict your baby’sgender.There are plenty of old wives’ tales that look at things like whether your baby bumpis high or low, when you experienced morning sickness, and even the shininess of your hair.A quick google search will bring up lots of results around how your […]

Warning! Don’t Take Vitamin C Supplements Without Watching This!

Welcome to, The Health Room .Your Health and Wellness Authority.Vitamin C is a very popular supplement.In fact, billions of dollars worth of Vitamin C Supplements are being purchased each yearworldwide.But many, including you, are not aware of its dangers and side effects.So in this Video, we are giving you the exact reasons why you should […]

Vitamin C Complex is a SCAM? Synthetic v Natural Vitamin C

Hello fellow health and science hackersthis is Antony Reed.Welcome to Brain Spanking NewsIn this episode we’re going to be talking about Whole Foods “Vitamin C Complex”Why it’s a scam and why synthetic vitamin C is as natural as your birthday-suitThen stick around because I’m going to show you how to get the most nutrient-dense vegetablesAnd […]

How to Choose the Right Vitamin Supplements

With so many supplements (upbeat music)out there where do you start?Taking supplements can vastly improve your life,alleviating pain, boosting energy,and aiding in many other ways.So in this video, I’m gonna give you a crash courseon how to get started.Think of it as Supplements 101.According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition,68% of Americans take dietary supplements.That’s […]