Full day of eating Keto Breakfast| Lunch | Dinner| Low carb high fat LCHF recipes

hi guys I hope all of you are doing really good and this is the view from mybalcony it’s getting bit chilly out here in Sydney but today it’s it looks like abeautiful sunny and warm day outside and in today’s video I’m going to do a fullday of doing keto diet so in today’s […]

Davina McCall’s top tips for going sugar-free | Mumsnet hacks

So if you’re going to think about going sugar-free, you need some help because it’s really tough and there is temptation everywhere.I’m telling you, if I have a tin of biscuits in my kitchen,it starts with me breaking one in half, or probably even then in quarters, and puttingthe quarter in my mouth. Then the […]


Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. We will be discussing importance of folic acid in pregnancy. Folicacid is very vital for pregnancy because it helps to avoid neural tube defects which couldbe seen in the fetus. So normally the intake of folic acid is encouraged 3 months priorplanning the pregnancy. Folic acid simply means, it comes […]

Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?

“Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?” Smoking marijuana can create respiratory problems; and so, vaporized cannabis is one alternative, as I’ve talked about before. But what about eating it? Vaping is likely less harmful than smoking, and marijuana edibles are another alternative, but may carry increased risks to children and increased risks of overdosing. I’d add a […]

How to Make an Easy Microwave Brownie in a Mug – 5-MInute Brownie Recipe

We’re Adam and Joanne from inspiredtaste.net and welcome to our kitchen!We’re making our 5-minute brownie in a mug. Perfect for when you need that chocolate fix!To make a whole pan of brownies, hop over to our Fudgy brownies recipe!We love the nuttiness of coconut oil in this. Since it’s solid at room temperature, weneed to […]

Cara Membuat Choco Cheese Lava Cake Berhantu

Now Tehyung want to make Choco CheeseLava Cake GhostThis cake ever been viral at2016 and this cake come fromMalaysia, Why this name is ghost?Maybe it becauseVery scare for someone who want todiet. because it make diet failedbecause it have pure chocolate tasteFor the chocolate lovers, this cake is appropriateOkay, for the someone who have been […]

10 FREE Healthy Habits That Changed My Life!

everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome if you’re new my name is Livand I make lots of healthy recipe and wellness videos on this channel I am inmy fourth year of Nash Pathak medicine which means I’m all about natural foodas medicine and everything like that so I have tons of tips […]

How to Make: Sugar Free Lemon Cashew Cookies

[Music Playing]Hi, welcome to Down to Earth!My name is Rachel…And today, we’re going to do a really delicious sugar-free cookie.It’s made with lemons and cashews and coconut.I love this recipe because I eat only sugar-free food…And sometimes I’m desperate for a sweet treat…And I can make it in just five minutes.Ok, let’s get started!Alright, so […]

Power Up Your Health & Vitality With Magnesium! The Magnesium Miracle with Dr Carolyn Dean

Hi everyone welcome back. Michael Sandler your host on inspire nation. If you’veever struggled with your health, whether energy and fatigue, blood sugarchallenges, autoimmune disorders, heart disease or more than do we have themagnesium miracle show for you today I’ll be talking with dr. Carolyn Deanthe undisputed magnesium queen of the worldshe’s a global leader […]


Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen today. We have a leftover makeover a couple nights agoI made some sloppy joes to take to have dinner with my dad andWe made themlow-carb style meaning we substituted the brown sugar for a brown sugar substitute and we substituted the ketchup for ano sugar versionYou can use […]