Latinos Try Fast Food For The First Time

– I think I’m gonna be grossed out.– Have you had it before?– [Man] No– – No?– [Man] Because everyone says it’s liquid meat.– It’s what?What’s liquid meat?– I just got a brain freeze, hold on.– I would absolutely have this again.– We can cut.– Today, we’re gonna have American fast foodwe’ve never tried before.There’s […]

Trying The BEST and WORST on the Fast Food Menu!! | Drive Thru Challenge!!

– I have a kind of weird question.What do you think is likethe grossest thing on your menu?(quirky music)– [Both] Hey, guys!– I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie.– And today we are going to be goingto different restaurants and getting the best–– [Both] And the worst–– Thing on the menu.– Make sure to subscribe down belowand […]