I Tried American Vs. Japanese Wendy’s


LlaaggbI am racisttfggi2ujdwmkijshnzxubyah zkfszfsegsegeett*MusicrrrrrrrdffffewdwddwdwdSouweecfee What up everybody! It’s JustDustin and I’m back with another video.I got my crew with mei got Bongizzlez matessa vangeline and roary raynorAll right and today we are doing blended foods taste test we got a lot of different foods we want to try outWe’ve got McDonald’sWe got our mcdoubles we […]

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Today we determine the best breakfast biscuit.Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning!Today we’ve got a brand-new music videofrom a little show called “Buddy System,” season two.Maybe you’ve heard of it.And after that we’re gonna play a gamebased off a little show called “The Bachelor.”– You probably never heard of it. – Right.But […]