Blind Fast Food Burger Challenge

Today we determine which one of us is the expert burger taster.Let’s talk about that.♪ (theme music) ♪– Good Mythical Morning! – We eat a lot of burgers together.– We do. – (emphasizing) A lot of burgers together,– and we were talking the other day. – But we eat different burgers.We don’t eat the same […]

Blind Taste: Chocolate Ice Cream | TGTS S2E05

Do you have a story to tell?Do you have knowledge to share?Do you have ideas to make the world a better place?Then make a podcast with the RØDECaster ProRecord up to four peopleEasily include phone interviews and instant jingle playback.Make your podcast with the RØDECaster ProRØDECaster Pro: Professional podcasting made easy[Intro music plays]JOEL: Today, in […]

Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Rice Cooker? • Tasty

I have to be honest I don’t know what to do the technology is getting in the way of cooking okay welcome back to chef’s out of water I’m Alexis your chef who is always up for a challenge that’s why I’ve taken to the internet for you to decide what I should cook with […]

We Tried Making Pancakes Without A Recipe

I would like as well we’re gonna be making pancakes without a recipe today oh you’re a mom I am red pen yeah I’ve never made pancakes what any pancakes I mean at stores I’ve never made a pancake before but I feel pretty confident that we can make something pancake adjacent pancakes are really […]

Whole Foods Brand Taste Test

– Can we tell the difference between Whole Foods 365 and top name brands? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – You know, now that Amazon bought Whole Foods, we’re all gonna be able to order asparagus water or gluten-free tampons right from our Alexa. – That’s a good point. […]

Diet vs. Regular Taste Test

– How different does diet food really taste? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – There’s a prevailing presumption that diet foods do not taste as good as their non-diet counterpart. – True, that is true. – There is also a prevailing presumption that if something is diet, it’s easy […]

Which Celebrity Has The Best Mac ‘N’ Cheese Recipe?

(upbeat music)– Hey everyone, my name is Jesse.And today I’m gonna be testing four famouscelebrity mac and cheese recipesto see which one is actually the best.I’ll be testing recipes from Patti LaBelle,Gordon Ramsay, Khloe Kardashianand I even have one from Rihanna.I measure everything up, how the recipe statedand I got three of my friends to […]

Operation: Homemade Stock Cube

– Yeah (choking). Okay, we’re on the right track. (dramatic music) Behold, the humble stock cube. Funny, isn’t it, how you kinda take it for granted. You just buy this block. You think what is in this square of wonder? It’s flavour packed, right? You put it in risottos, which we will later. You put […]

Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

– Today we find the least bad low-fat chip. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning. – And Mythical reminder, come see us live in concert in London on February 15th or in St. Louis, Columbus, or DC in April. Go to where you’ll find all the […]

Food Safety, How Long Food is Good for After Expiration Date

Food is something that we require to live.Although most of us tend to choose foods that are more tasty and palatable, natural foodstend to go bad and degrade.While some foods come with a clear expiration date label other foods are not so expressive.Food safety is extremely important because eating expired foods can potentially resultin food […]