Meal Swap: Pho Vs. Ramen

Can YOU Guess Your Country’s Candy? | Guess That International Candy

– Oh, that’s disgusting.– That’s something I’ve never experienced before.– I’m just going through like 200 countries,like no, no, maybe, no.♪ (upbeat electronic intro) ♪– (FBE) How big of a sweet tooth do you have?– Oof, I have a really, really bad sweet tooth.– I know all of the desserts.– I used to have a […]

$309 KFC Famous Bowl | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

Does Chick-fil-A Deserve the Title of America’s Favorite Fast Food? Fast Food Review

hey Austin, yes James? does chick-fil-a deserve the title of America’s favoritefast food? today we find outwhat’s up everybody today on this episode of todaywith a and J we’re gonna find out if chick-fil-a really deserves to be thenumber one title a fast-food in America yeah and that’s a pretty bull state andthat is a […]