How to cut sugar from your diet

The body needs glucose for fuel, butmost Canadians are overfilling their tanks. Everyday, Canadiansconsume about 26 teaspoons of sugar from all sources.About half is coming from added sugars, now a staple inmost grocery store food items. Some of the biggest offendersinclude desserts, regular pop and sauces. The WHOis now recommending we slash our added sugar […]

What Sweeteners Are Healthy?

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I want to talk to you about honey and other sweeteners, andwhat you should and shouldn’t be using.And first, let me talk a little bit about honey here. This is the infamous honey bear,which I know so many of us are familiar with today. When you’re buying honey, you […]

LAKANTO Sugar-Free Maple Syrup ?

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Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

For the last several years I’ve been doing a therapeutic ketogenic diet whichis very high levels of fat–two and a half cups of fat a day, nine cups of lowglycemic vegetables–and I’ve been using that to treat my terminal malignantbrain cancer because cancer can only ferment glucose so I deprive it ofglucose and give it […]