Are Vitamin D Supplements Safe?

[music]If you going to take a Vitamin D supplement you might be wondering how safe are they.It turns out that Vitamin D is much more safe than people used to think.The current upper recommended intake level is now 4,000 international units or IU/day.It depends however what age group you’re in, you are not going to […]

Tanning Beds and Vitamin D

hey it’s dr. Jory I want to talk to youtoday about a controversial topictanning bedsthe reason I use a tanning bed is to getvitamin D synthesis so what’s the dealwith vitamin d synthesis in thewintertime?well if you live in a northern climateanywhere in Canada, a lot of the US,Europe, Asia, Siberia, a lot of theseplaces […]

Vitamin D: are you getting enough?

It’s called the sunshine vitamin for a reason.Our bodies synthesize vitamin D from sun exposure during the summer months.But because of our northern latitude, and the potential health risks ofsun exposure, we need to rely on other sources.Currently, about one in ten Canadians isn’t getting enough of this nutrient.That’s about three million people in this […]

Vitamin D the #1 Vitamin Deficiency

Hi I am Dr. Holly Lucille here with NPTV and it is summertime so we are going to be talkingall things vitamin D. Thankfully I have the esteemed Dr. Jared Skowron in the house tohelp me.Good to be here Dr. Lucille and in Arizona getting my liquid sunshine.Excellent.Ok I’m so glad you’re here because I […]

Do You Need Vitamin D Supplements?

Vitamin D is a hot topic right now and you might be wondering what’s all the hype about.Well in this video, I go through the top 5 questions I get asked about Vitamin D:What is Vitamin D?What happens if I don’t get enough Vitamin D?How much Vitamin D do I need?Can Vitamin D supplements cure […]

How to Get Vitamin D and Stay Sun-Safe | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Hey it’s Michelle from Lab Muffin Beauty Science the nerdiest beauty nerdon your screen right now. Today I’m going to be discussing how to get vitamin Dwithout giving yourself too much skin damage. Vitamin D is an essentialnutrient for your body and one of the main sources of vitamin D for humansis exposing our skin […]

Is A Vegan Diet Vitamin D Deficient? | Dr Michael Greger of

Where do vegans like me get our vitamin D? Well, from the sun, of course. I mean c’mon.Can’t you tell? Can you? Probably not…Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to another vegan nugget. Vitamin D is of courseassociate with the sun, but with estimates of around 70% of the population being deficient,we’re […]

Can I Overdose on Vitamin D?

I think I have seasonal affective disorderand I’ve been taking a lot of Vitamin D.Is it possible to overdose?A lot of people are taking Vitamin D supplementsright now and a lot of people ask me about this.So you can definitely take too much.And you should not just treat it like Vitamin C.Vitamin D is also […]

What If The Earth Stopped Orbiting The Sun

Earth zooms around the sun at 110,000 kph,but what if it just…stopped?Well, for one thing, you’d have only a month to live.First off, if Earth stopped short,you’d actually die immediatelybecause you’d fly off the planetand hurtle into space,just like you lurch forward in a carwhen a driver slams on the brakes.But if Earth slows down […]