Babás párbeszéd – GR8 KiDS

Anyukád adott neked vitamint ?Még szép.Ja látom, hogy korodhoz képest igen jól nézel ki.Szólj anyukádnak, hogy rendeljen.Szólok is neki. És még mire jó ez ?Látod még zokni sem kell a lábamra.Húúú ez aztán a menö.Köszi.Érted mindent.Van több féle ízben ?Málnás és Gyümölcsözön.Meg kell kostóljam.Igen és neked sem kell zokni.Szuper, köszi !

Exercises For ABS | 10 Minute AB Workout At Home | Follow Along

– What’s up?So I am so pumped today.We got our first ever follow along workout.Yes, it’s exercise at home and guess what?No equipment needed.This was truly inspired by a lot of my clientswho needed extra, quick, fast workoutsthat they could do at homeand help burn and melt some off of that belly fat.Of course you […]

Dr David Hughes talks about nutrition and supplements in sport

If an athlete is in the habit from a very early ageof taking vitamins and supplements because they absolutely believe that they need itfor performance then they have already created a potentialweakness for themselves because the moment they can’t access those,they have a self-belief that they can’t perform.And the truth of the matter is that […]

Vitamin Multiple Sport – Olimp Sport Nutrition

Intensive physical exercise can increase yourbody’s demand for vitamins and mineralswhen you’re going fastermetabolic processes speed up with youin order to work quickly and efficientlyyou’re using more vitamins and minerals andyou’re losing them fastera low supply of vitamins and minerals in relation to their increased use,to which you’re exposed during intensive workout,may cause your results […]

Professor Louise Burke talks about nutrition and supplements in sport

When you are thinking about whether athletes need supplementsyou have got to think about what you think is a supplement isand we include sports foods like drinks and bars and protein drinksthat might be very useful in terms of just meeting nutritional needsand sometimes more practical than everyday foods.So certainly not every athlete needs to […]

Dallas McCarver’s Lifestyle: Nutrition, Training, Business & Work Ethic

I don’t care if you’re 25 35 or 45 if we’re all judged the same on the stageso it really doesn’t matteron my mornings when I do cardio which is pretty much everyone even leg day wakeup yeah go get on the stairs and I’ll be like 45 minutes on the stairs and that’sit then […]

How One Kenyan Village Fuels The World’s Fastest Distance Runners | Feed The Flame

(FEED THE FLAME)I’m here in the small village of Iten, Kenya,home to the Kalenjin tribe and some of the world’smost dominant long-distance runners.The Kalenjin tribe makes up0.6% of the world’s population.They are always in the top 80-90%of long-distance runners in the world at any given time.I’ve been told their diet is the driving forceto their […]

Strongman Robert Oberst’s 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet: FUEL

The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH!

– Hey, Dr. Berg here. In this video, we’re gonna talk about apple cider vinegar. What are the benefits, what are the myths? First of all, here’s a myth, that apple cider vinegar contains a lot of nutrients. It really does not. It doesn’t have a lot of vitamin A, it doesn’t have a lot […]