Sweet Spicy Food Vs. Spicy Sweet Food Taste Test

– Is sweet food spicy better than spicy food sweet? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning. – Our new novel, “The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek” comes out October 29th! – Yes! – But today, one month in advance, we are launching an amazing giveaway to celebrate what the […]

Boiled Butter Sweet Corn only Rs 30 at Saddur St. Esplanade Kolkata | Episode 3

Boiled Butter Sweet Corn only Rs 30 at Saddur St. Esplanade Kolkata

Boiled spicy mushrooms in hot chili sauce authentic Sichuan/ Szechuan food recipe #13 水煮蘑菇

Hi guys! We all know how healthy mushrooms are.but there is just someone who hate eating mushroomsfor example my husband over thereso today I will make a mushroom dish& I guarantee you will like itBecause we are going to use dou ban jiang (chili bean paste)so it’s a spicy sichuan dish& this kind of food […]

Bombay Special Sandwich – Street Food Mumbai – Indian Street Food | Veg Sandwich Step By Step

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Boiled Egg Bhurji II उबले अंडे की भुर्जी II By Chef Satvinder Kaur

Hello Everybody, Welcome to F3 Recipes.My self Satvinder Kaur and to day i am going to tell you a new style of egg, its name if Boiled Egg BhurjiSo, let’s have a look on the ingredients.We require Eggs, which i have boiled and have cut the small pieces of its white portion. & separated its […]

Spicy Noodles, Black Bean Noodles, Fried Chicken | MUKBANG | EATING SHOW – Dolomo #15

Hi, everyone.I’m glad that you’re watching my video.Today, my lunch is sweet&spicy sauce chicken, and spicy noodles.Let’s begin!This is the black bean noodles.This is the cheese one(Cheese spicy noodle).This glass…This is… lactobacillus drink.Is this glass like a vase?This is made with sweet and spicy sauce.Yummy?H: yep. HAHAHAHA.Just too spicy.This is takeaway. And…It’s nice.But the sauce […]

Instant Pot Indian Chicken Curry | Kodi Kurra | Written Recipe in Desc

Welcome to Sandhya’s Kitchen. In this video, let’s see how to make chickencurry in an instant pot.(Check video’s description section for detailed recipe)Let’s look at the ingredients: 1 whole chicken cut into small pieces.A bunch of mint leaves, bunch of coriander leaves, 1 medium size onion;diced .1 tomato, diced. 1 tbsp of roasted poppy seeds […]

Basque Chicken Recipe : Cut Squash for Basque Chicken

If you want to try to approximate the size of your sweet potatoes, or of your yams. Nowwe’re going to take our squash. I’m going to use a knife, instead of a peeler. Cut thisoff, and just go right down the sides.We’ll discard this outer layer. We’ll cut this in half, and then we want […]

Best Wings Recipe – Baked Chicken Wings Salt and Pepper Style

alrighty chef buck here and today we’recooking up a super delicioso crispychicken wing recipe this is kind of asalt-and-pepper style you know when yougo to an Asian restaurant and they’vegot the salt and pepper chicken or theyhave the salt and pepper calamari butit’s kind of a deep fried and thentossed with some salt and pepper […]

How to make Easy Kimchi (막김치)

(upbeat music)– Hi everybody.Today I’m going to make Kimchi.Napa cabbage Kimchi.This amount of baechu (cabbage) is going to be 10 pounds.Cutting in half.This is very easy way.(upbeat drums)See, this is bite size.This is too wide.So I cut it this way.And then…Pour water to them.Three cups of water and half a cupof sweet rice flour.Keep stirring […]