Vitamin K: Bones & Blood

In 1935, danish scientist Henrik Dam identified a fat soluble compound that was necessaryfor blood to clot.He called this compound vitamin K, K for Koagulation, clotting.We know today that there are actually several compounds, similar in structure, that havevitamin K activity, and we refer to them collectively with the name vitamin K. Without these compounds,our […]

Lupin flour gives pizza power

[Theme music plays](Glen Paul) Hello and welcome to CSIROVod, I’m Glen Paul.I’m in Perth, in Western Australia, at CSIRO’s Floreat Laboratorieswhere I’m going to meet a scientist who is researchingthe health benefits of lupins,but not just doing that in the laboratory but also in the kitchen.Dr Rhonda Foley is a plant biologist and amateur chefwho’s […]