God’s Diet: How to be Super Healthy

Now let’s use this episode to define another term – food.I want to deal with this issue now becausefood is such wedge issue between the Church and the Jewish people, and even causessevere dissention within the Church itself.Let me be unequivocalThe lord intended for food to be used as a means todivide and polarizeGenesis 1:29-30 […]

Flax Seed Burfi (Healthy Nut Bar) Recipe by Manjula, Gluten Free

Today I will be making flax seed burfior you can call this health bar.Flax seed is high in proteinand a good source for omega 3.This barfi is healthy and taste great.This recipe will make about 24 pieces.And for this recipe we will need:1/2 cup golden flax seed powder or flax seed meal1/2 cup coarsely ground […]