Passion Fruit With Shrimp Salad Recipe – Cooking Squid – My Food My Lifestyle

hellotoday i make passion fruit salad with shrimp and squidthis is passion fruitthen have shrimp and squidand have peanutsweet basil, banana flower, culantro, chameleon plant,and have tomatocucumbergarlicchilithen mintsee me do it togetherput sugarpalm sugarthen i put fish saucemy food is ready

Russian Kitchen: Vinegret, a salad from boiled vegetable (TUTORIAL)

Hello! Today we’re going to make a saladthat’s called ‘vinaigrette’ in Russian.It’s not a dressing, it’s not a sauce.It a full-fledged salad made from boiled vegetables,primarily root vegetablesBoiled beets are an essential component of the saladcombined with picklespeaspotatoes, carrots, onions, a little bit of green onion for garnishand a dressing made of vinegar and oilWe’ll […]

How to Boil an Egg : Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Hi, I’m Jasimine and I’m 14, I’m from Glorious Cooking and today I’m here on behalf of ExpertVillage and I’m going to show you how to boil an egg. So today like I said I’m going toteach you how to boil an egg. We are going to come over here and grab some eggs out […]

Homemade Vs. 7-Eleven: Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich • Tasty

Fast Food Kale? Is Chick-fil-A’s Superfood Side Scary?

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty …Food Review!Well,Happy Halloweenladies and gentlemen and everyone watching!This is Running On EmptyFood Review!I am your host TheReportOfTheWeek.Halloween…Halloween is such a fascinating holiday, you know?Where…I mean there’s there’s nothing else like it.I know I did a lecture a few years ago where I was kind of I was bashing […]

My Diet Plan

I feel so fresh when I eat salad. I am going to do this.I am going to eat salad. Lose weight. and lead a healthy life.I love salad. I love salad.I think I am already loosing weight.Oh M y God !There is absolutely nothing like this World !Hello ! I’d like to order one […]

Sprouts Salad I অঙ্কুরিত মুগের স্যালাড – Weight loss Recipe I Reshmiskitchen

Welcome to Reshmi’s KitchenHello friends today I am going to share with you a healthy very easy and tasty weight loss salad recipe – Sprouts Salad or Moong Bean Sprouts SaladHit the SUBSCRIBE button and press the Bell Icon for regular updates1 tbsp white oil , 1 dry red chilli , 1 tsp garlic paste […]

We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day

– I wanna be the best.I wanna be number one.– That’s right.– Keith first.– Keith first. – Keith first.(laughs)I want to be number one.Today we’re gonna eat like Donald Trumpfor all of our meals.– Mm-hmm.– For breakfast, we have an Egg McMuffinand a Diet Coke with a strawand no coffee.(somber music)(groans)It’s good.How many Diet Cokes?Are […]

Sunny days recipes – Asian food blog

hi everyone I’m Chi your Filipina foodie from SunnydaysrecipesSunnydaysrecipesis a food blog cooking Asian food recipesthat bring you closer to home if you love going toasian restrooms to try out orienntal flavors of asian recipesthis blog will take your cravings in the comforts of your homethe recipes I cook are easy to prepare and cooked […]

How to Boil an Egg : Cooking Time for Hard Boiled Eggs

Hi I’m Jasimine and I’m 14, I’m from Glorious Cooking and today I’mhere on behalf of Expert Village and I’m going to show you how to boil an egg. Come to ourpot and you want the water about an inch above your egg. No less cause you would have boiledeggs and would not have cooked […]