Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Hash Browns?

– Uh, I woke up at 4:30 this morning.– I woke up at 4:45.– Because we are on a mission.♫ Ooo, hashtag hashbrown huntdown♫ Hashtag hashbrown huntdown ♫It’s really to find the best fast food hash-browns.– The patties.– Potatoes are an amazing thing.– Potatoes are almost as versatile as pigs.– [Both] RubricCrispiness.– Fluffiness.– We brought […]

Lobster Rolls & Clam Digging on PEI with Matty Matheson – Keep It Canada

Fast Food Coffee Taste Test

– I love coffee like I am obsessed with coffee.– On average, I would drink about four to five cups a day.– I’m a true man of Dunkin’ Donutswho is the only winner right here.– Dunkin’ Donuts is my jam, okay?Starbucks tastes like a homeless man’s toe.– Oh, this hot water sure is nice.– Yeah, […]

11 Ekelhafte Funde Im Fast Food

Lobster Rolls & Clam Digging on PEI with Matty Matheson – Keep It Canada

Waiters at a fast food restaurant? | Family Feud Canada

♪Top eight answers are on the board.[clicking sound]Name something you find in a fast food restaurant.[answer button rings][buzzer sounds]Rita: Napkins.Gerry: Show me napkins![bell dings][applause]Rita: Okay.Gerry: I’ll read the question.Name something you find in a fast food restaurantthat you wouldn’t find in a fancy restaurant.Basil: Ketchup packets.Gerry: Show me ketchup packets![bell dings]Pass or play?Basil: We’re gonna […]

Top 10 Fast Food Items That Are ACTUALLY HEALTHY!

When you think fast food you might think about pizza or a burger and fries.Sometimes you hit the greasy spots to satisfy a naughty craving or to fill your hunger.But do not give up hope in finding a healthy choice just yet, even if we are programmedto just flock towards the golden arches, there are […]

Cuban Whole-Roasted Pig with the Crispiest Skin in Miami — Dining on a Dime

– Ladies and gentlemen,we are exiting the city of Miami proper.We are headed to the city of Doral.We’re gonna try an entire roasted pig.This guy we’re about to talk to right now,Victor Alvarez has opened La Esquina del Lechon.Probably one of the best places to havetraditional Cuban Lechonwhich is an 80/90 pound pigthat is gonna […]

Top 10 Untold Truths of Fast Food MASCOTS!!!

Fast food mascots act as bells to Pavlov’s dog with their bright colors and friendlyfaces, triggering mouth-watering cravings. From those that worked well and are stillused today, to those that frankly didn’t make much sense, here are 10 untold truthsabout fast food mascots.Wendy’s Given Name was MelindaThe long-standing mascot for Wendy’s has been a girl […]

Fast-Food Restaurant Prank Calls

Thanks for choosing Domino’s. Charles speaking. How can I help you today?Uh, yeah. Can I get a large boneless pizza?Can you get a what?Song: 02 Sh*t by Cdot HonchoWhat’s……Can I start now?Can I start? How long do I have to hold it?How long do I– Who am I talking to? OK I’mma startWhat’s good YouTube. […]