Keto Day 21 Update Week 3 Results | Before and After Photos

hey guys welcome back this is day 21 so that’s gonna be my week three key toupdate and have some kind of weird and also somewhat exciting news to tell youguys so 21 days in and I have lost 5.2 pounds which is not huge compared towhat a lot of other people have lost but […]

Keto Day 10 Update | Oh Hell Ke-No

hello beautiful what are you doing tonight hey guys welcome back to DaytonQuito update and Sunday Funday here so don’t worry about that going in butyesterday was actually kind of an interesting day like I had somedifferent things happen and I wrote myself a little note because it was justa lot of kind of like […]

Keto Day 6 Update| Keto For Broke People

all right I’m just gonna go ahead and address this at the front of the videobecause I know that they’re gonna be some keto purists that are gonna becommenting down below hating about how hey whatever well thenyou take me grocery shopping this video is not for you this is for people whoare on a […]

Keto Day 4 | Best App To Log Your Keto Macros

hey guys welcome back to my day for keto update and I do have notes right herewhich I’m kind of glancing down at because it was yesterday so for day fourI switched to eating three meals and the first was the bulletproof coffee andthen the second was a sort of avocado egg and I’ll put […]

Keto Day 3 | What Are Macros?

hey guys welcome back to my day 3 Aikido update what’s happening here and why amI in front of my shoes it’s Sunday so it is um laundry homework and fix yourselfday I even tried to be a little extra for y’all and put on some lipstick umbut I have so much stuff to do […]

Keto Day 1 | What Happened?

hey guys so I just wanted to give you an end of day one and kind of morning ofday two Kito summary so I started keto yesterdayand I didn’t do the bulletproof coffee or any of that I just kind of had likeyou know eggs and just regular proteins like chicken and salmon and all […]

Keto Day 2 | Avoid The Keto Flu

hey guys welcome back to my day to Quito update so yesterday was better than thefirst day for sure I still had an immense amount of energy but I didn’tnotice that was in kind of a like sort of pissing this towards the end of theday and I don’t think it was hunger I just […]