Whole Fried Chicken Recipe | Fried Chicken Recipe | Fried Chicken Restaurant Style

Whole Fried Chicken Recipe Restaurant StyleSalt 1 Table Spoon or as per your tasteRed Chili flake 2 Table SpoonBlack pepper 1 table spoonRed Chili powder 3 to 4 tablespoonCoriander seeds powder 2 Table SpoonTurmeric Powder 1 table spoonLemon juice 6 tablespoonIf Chaat masala is available in your area then add 1.5 to 2 Table Spoon […]


Hi Everyone!!I am eating Palak paneer , bhindi/okra fry & Roti/chapati with salad. 😀Please LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBEHit the bell icon to get the notification…Love palak paneer and okra fry .So good..!!Onions goes well with curries…i love itI’ve stir fried okra with onions and put some chilli powder ,turmeric powder and salt.I’ve been attacked by […]

Cooking 8KG Goat with 8KG Noodles – Awesome Boneless Mutton Noodles

Add the papaya paste on the lamb and let it marinate for couple of hours.Adding salt and oil.Cook the noodles.Adding oil.Adding cumin.Adding onions and garlic.Adding ginger and garlic paste.Adding tomatoes.Adding salt, turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, mutton masala powder and garam masala powder.Adding curd.Add some water and cook it for couple of hours.Removing the […]

Anday Chanay – Lahori Cholay – Chickpeas and Boiled Eggs

Chickpeas 1/2 Kg (Boiled)Boiled Egg 4Onion 2Tomato 2Ginger paste 1 tbspGarlic paste 1 tbspSalt 1 tspRed Chilli powder 1 tbspTurmeric Powder 1/2 tspBlack pepper 1 tspcumin powder 1 tspDry coriander powder 1 tbspSpice Powder 1 tspGreen Chilli 6Green Coriander 3 tbspChicken Stock 1 kgGhee/Oil 2 Cup

Fresh Pressed Vitamin C Powder Cleanser | How to Use | Clinique – Audio Description

Clinique, Allergy tested, 100% fragrance free.De-aging for the impatient.Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin COne packet, one use.Tear open.In A.M., pour into wet palm.Work into lather.Massage over faceLeave on for one minute.Rinse Well.Purified, brightened, re-texturized.Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin CClinique, allergy tested, 100% fragrance free.

PetSolutions: Lafeber’s Bird Vitamins

Lafeber’s Bird Vitamins are highlyconcentrated powder containing essentialvitamins, calcium, and iodine to keepbirds healthy. It’s a great choice forsupplementing birds on an seed dietand to help stressed or sick birdsrecover more quickly. You want to mix twosmall scoops of powder in each ounce ofdrinking water, or one and a half of thelarge scoops to one […]

Fish Katakat Restaurant Recipe | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan

Fish Katakat Recipe Restaurant StyleBoneless fish 1 kg boiled for 10 to 15 minutes1 kg boiled fish add 2 Table Spoon ginger and garlic pasteAdd Cooking Oil 2 Table SpoonAdd Water quarter cupAdd Tomato Puri of 4 to 5 medium size tomatoesSalt 1 tea SpoonRed Chili powder 1.5 table spoonCoriander powder 1 table spoonCumin seeds […]

chicken omelette recipe – Perfect Boiled Chicken omelette for breakfast | Hunger Hangover

chicken omelettechicken omelettechicken omelettemusicmusicmusicmusicmusicBoneless boiled chicken – 1 cupBoneless boiled chicken – 1 cupBoneless boiled chicken – 1 cupgreen chilies – 2salt – to tastesalt – to tasteGrindGrindEgg -3 egg whites and 2 yolksGrind again wellmusicmusicmusicmusictransfer in a bowlmusicmusicGhee – 2 tbspmusicChopped onion – 1 cupChopped Tomatoes – 1/2 cupmusicsaute chopped onion and tomatoessaute chopped […]

Egg Onion fry – Boiled Egg Onion Fry with onions

Boiled Egg Onion CurryBoiled Egg Onion CurryCumin & Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp eachBoiled Eggs – 3Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tspCurry Leaves – 2 SprigsGreen Chilies – 2Onions – 5 Medium sizedCoriander powder, Garam Masala Powder – 1/2 tsp eachSalt – to taste, Red Chilli powder – 1 tspTurmeric Powder – 1/8 tsp

Homemade Chatpata Aloo Chaat – Easy Aloo Kabli – Boiled Potato Chaat Masala Mixture

Today I shall make Aloo KabliPlz Subscribe & Like my channel if you prefer my this recipe Aloo Kabli loved by allLet watch the ingredients to make Aloo kabli Boilled Potato / Aloo without Peel – 250 gm Cut this type – longRed chilli powder – small qty (optional)Coriander / Dhaniya powder – small qtyCumin […]