Health Conditions that Can Benefit from a Gluten Free Diet

People who have gluten allergies most often have to eliminate gluten from their diet.There are other health conditions that can benefit from a gluten-free dietYou may find that eating gluten free is the answer for your health problem.One of the greatest benefits of eating a gluten-free diet can be weight loss.When you eliminate gluten you’ll […]

Eat This Not That | Healthy Food Swaps To Be Healthier!

so in today’s video I’m sharing with you some healthy swaps that you can make inyour life in your kitchen that are gonna help you be just that little bithealthier so let’s just go ahead and I get right into them instead of eatingrice opt for something like cauliflower rice not only will this up […]

The Best Diet for Heart Health (Evidence Based)

Hey, everyone. My name is Amy. And today, what can you do about heart disease?So, heart disease is the number one killer in America and around the world. By 2020it’s going to be the number one cause of death and of disability in the US, and in2014 there are 1.4 million people who died because […]


Protein is made up of individual amino acids and our bodies are able to manufacture mostamino acids except a few which are called essential amino acids that we need to getfrom our diet.Most Animal foods are classed as complete protein as they contain all the essentialamino acids.However plant foods are considered incomplete proteins because they […]

How to Make Up the BIG BANG Vegan Bangers Dried Sausage Mix ! (Can be Fried or Grilled)

Sausages can be fried or grilled (with a brush of oil) Order your mix from

What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Full Day Of Eating

good morning everyone and welcome it to another what I eat in a day I’m gonna betaking you along with me sharing you all the deliciousness because I love foodbut it’s also going to be healthy and healthy food can be delicious so youguys are probably gonna notice I’m a bit more Tam than normal […]

3 VEGAN Protein Powder Recipes | Thrive Market

Da – da -da da – shaping balls for vegan protein powder!It’s so crazy how good my voice ispeople come up to me all the time like you should be a singer,and I’m like I know, I know.*laughter* You don’t have to laugh so hard about that.Hello I’m Megan and I am here in the […]


Hi! My name is Ashley Rice and welcome to my YouTube channel!(Music)Okay guys! It’s time for another Going Vegan Challenge!Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the last challenge.If you did, let me know what ice cream you tried and if you liked it or not.Did you find your new favorite ice cream?Let […]

What I Eat in a Day | Easy Recipes for Work | The Edgy Veg

– [Candace] I’m having Matcha today. Oh, or not because that’s totally (bleep) up. – Hey guys its Candace the Edgy Veg, and welcome to another “What I eat in a day” video. So, it’s shoot day for me, it’s future Candace. I’m going to insert my waking up and getting ready clips after this. […]

Black Bean Brownies

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Hookom on Health! Asalways, my name is Amanda. I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer and todayI’m going to show you how to make my black bean brownies.Now personally, I have nothing against a regular brownie. This black bean version, however,adds extra protein and fiber to the […]