Vegetarian Pancit Canton

Vanjo Merano of PanlasangPinoy.comToday we’ll cook a perfect dish for Holy Weekit’s a healthy version of pancitit’s called vegetarian pancit cantonhere are the ingredients for this recipedried shitake mushroom“repolyo” or cabbagesnap peascarrots, sliced into stripschopped parsleycelery stalk, choppedoniongarlicpancit cantonaside from these ingredients, we will also use vegetarian oyster sauce, soy sauce, water, cooking oil and […]

Nilagang Baboy ( Pork Nilaga ) Easy step by step guide for beginners

Add water in the cooking potadd the porkcover the pot, and boil the pork to tenderize itOnce the water started boiling, you will see dirt on top of it, we need to remove this dirtIt’s just natural that this will happen even though we cleaned our pork thoroughlyusing strainer with small holes will hasten up […]

Super Tasty Chop Suey

Vanjo Merano of PanlasangPinoy.comLet’s cook vegetablesI’m thinking of a dish composing of various vegetablesI’m sure going to be delicious! It’s called Super Tasty Chop Sueyhere are the ingredients for this recipeboneless chicken breast, slicedchicken livercauliflowersnap peas, you may also use “sitsaro”carrotbellpepper, green and redoniongarlicto make it more flavorful, I’ll use Knorr SavoRich Chicken Liquid Seasoningwe’ll […]

Jollibee OPENS in Manhattan, New York City ! 😱 Trying Filipino Fast Food

Jollibee Fast Food has a cult like following in the PhilippinesThey just opened in Manhattan, NYC(Jollibee song playing)They waited for 20 hours right..The first onesThey were here at noon time the day beforeWe opened at 8 o’clock the day afterWhat’s up guysJon coming to you from New York CityWe’re at the happiest place in the […]

How to Cook Lumpiang Sariwa with Fresh Lumpia Wrapper

welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano. How are you?today we’ll cook Lumpiang Sariwa with Fresh Lumpia Wrapperhere are the ingredients for this recipecabbage or “repolyo”, sliced into small piecessweet potato or “kamote”, soaked in water so it won’t oxidize or turn to color brown. We’ll remove the water latertofu. This is an extra firm […]

How to Cook Tortang Giniling na Baboy (Ground Pork Omelet)

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy. I am Vanjo Merano.Today we will be cooking “Tortang Giniling” (Ground Pork Omelette).As for this recipe, we will be cooking the “giniling” (ground pork) from scratch.But you may also cook this recipe using leftover ground pork, beef or chicken.These are the ingredients that we will be using for this recipe.This is […]

Nilagang Baka Recipe (Tender Boiled Beef Soup) | Filipino Cooking with Chris Urbano

Today, I’m going to prepare a Filipino comfort food that really occupies a special place to the hearts of many Pinoys!Nilagang Baka – an everyday dish that can be found in almost all carinderias (small eatery) in the Philippines which is highly appreciated by every one.Add beef unto the boiling water until becomes tender. Add […]

How to Cook Tuna Sisig with Mayonnaise

welcome to PanlasangPinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano. How are you?If you love Sisig, this episode is perfect for youtoday, we will cook Tuna Sisig from a canned tunaand these are the ingredientscanned tunared onion, minced. Chopped into tiny bitsyou may use yellow or white onionhere’s an optional ingredient. “Dahon ng sibuyas” or scallions or green onionsame […]

McDonald’s Vs. Jollibee Fast Food

jollibee is a religion there’s two religions in the Philippines actually like three we have Christianity we have a few Muslims and jollibee is the third I’m American I’ll be on Team McDonald’s and I’ll be trying geology for the first time I’m Filipino American and I am Team Jollibee I’ll be representing McDonald’s today […]

Pork Adobo in Pineapple Juice with Boiled Eggs

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy!It is now the month of March. Outing with family and friends or excursion is really in demand for the season.And for the season like this, there is dish that is my favorite to cooked and packed for this events. And that is Pork “Adobo”.I will now show you the version of […]