Latinos Try Fast Food For The First Time

– I think I’m gonna be grossed out.– Have you had it before?– [Man] No– – No?– [Man] Because everyone says it’s liquid meat.– It’s what?What’s liquid meat?– I just got a brain freeze, hold on.– I would absolutely have this again.– We can cut.– Today, we’re gonna have American fast foodwe’ve never tried before.There’s […]

We Lost 90 Pounds With A Celebrity Fitness Trainer

– I’m not ready for this shit.– Come on, yes, you are.– Shut up, Julissa.– [Julissa] Towards the end of 2017,some of the Pero Like crew decided^we need to get fit for 2018.So, we called on our fitness celebrity trainer,Melissa Alcantara, who also trains Kim Kardashianto help us out.– [Melissa] Perfect.Go, go, go.– [Kim] You […]