10 FREE Healthy Habits That Changed My Life!

everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome if you’re new my name is Livand I make lots of healthy recipe and wellness videos on this channel I am inmy fourth year of Nash Pathak medicine which means I’m all about natural foodas medicine and everything like that so I have tons of tips […]

Grain free Pita, made 2 different ways

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com. Today, we are featuringgrain free pitas made 2 different ways.The macronutrient ratio for each pita is 3.7 to 1 with 3.1 gramsof total carbs, of which 1.9grams is soluble fiber. In a medium bowl, first combined the dry ingredientsbeginning with the coconut flour, the psyllium husk,the whey […]

Healthy Granola Recipe | vegan, paleo recipes

so today we are making some delicious crunchy paleo granola this recipe issuper simple uses great for you ingredients that are gonna not only keepyou full and satisfied but they’ve got lots of healthy fats and protein andit’s just lightly sweet I love it with some dairy free yogurt and some fruitbut it’s also good […]

Wines that are Keto Friendly – Can you really have wine? *FIXED LINK

So I’m really excited about what I have to talk to you about thatI know a lot [of] you guys have been asking about thisBut wine is back on the advance plan which is amazing because even the bible [condones] it so we should be drinking itobviously not inlarge quantities, but enough forFamily and friends […]

Reese’s protéiné & healthy (PB Cup) – Recette facile & rapide pour Pâques

Hello everybodyfew weeks ago, I taught how to do peanut butteralthough you’ll find the link in the description boxIn that video, I asked you if you would be interrested by a healthy version of Reese’sAs you have been many to respond positively, that’s what we’re going to do todayand i will show you 2 versions […]

GUT HEALTH FOODS | what I eat every week

everyone welcome back to my channel today I’m super excited because we aretalking foods for gut health so these are all things that I eat every week tohelp nourish my gut and the gut health is so so important not only in terms ofbloating and digestion and things like that but it’s also super important […]

QUICK Dinner Recipes | healthy paleo recipes under 10 minutes!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel today I am showing you threehealthy 10-minute dinner recipes that are delicious easy to make and of coursequick perfect for lunch too so let’s go ahead and jump right in sothe first recipe we are going to be making is some cauliflower fried ricenow this is a […]

The Perfect 1-Bowl Paleo Chocolate Cake

– I’ve been eating Paleo-ish for about six years.I love it because it helps me cut my carbs.And kind of regulate the way thatI feel and look in my skinny jeans,but it’s hard sometimes because it meansthat I usually have to miss outon some of the more decadent,yummy treats, AKA chocolate cake.When I was pregnant, […]

MEAL PREP for SUMMER | light & fresh recipes + PDF guide

– Hey guys and welcome back to my channel.If you’re new, I’m Lisa and today I’m whipping upa summer meal prep, as these videos continueto be highly requested.Now, because it’s summer and it’s really hot outside,especially here in Southern California,I did my best to limit the amount of cookingin this meal prep.There’s only two ingredients […]

Coconut Flour Pie, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Hi i’m Lisa. Welcome to another episode of HomeMade Healthy.Today we’re making an easy coconut pie. You can whip it up in about five minutes.It takes about an hour in the oven,but the nice thing is even people who aren’t paleo or low-carbor grain free don’t even know. This tastes really good.So we’ll start with […]