Fish, Mercury & Nutrition: The Net Effects

(James McGregar) Ocean fish are almostan ideal nutrient package for pregnancy and breast-feeding.(Emily Oken) Women who ate more fish during pregnancyhad babies that had better scores on tests of developmentat 6 months and at 3 years.(Dariush Mozaffarian) Since seafood is so important for later health,I think it’s very important for children and young adultsto eat […]

Champion Juicer vs Omega 8004 Nutrition Center Juice Off Comparison

This is John Kohler with Today, I have another exciting episode foryou. It’s time for another juice-off. I love my juice-offs and the juice-offs arewhere I compare two juicers, side by side, using the same amount, exact, of produce,so that you guys can see the yield. After all, yield is just one factor—one criteria—thatyou […]

Top 5 Heart Health Tips

Nine out of ten Canadians have at leastone risk factor for heart disease, which is our second leading cause ofdeath. But the power of prevention is in your hands saysRegistered Dietitian Daphna Steinberg. So lifestyle is the cornerstonefor prevention and for treatment,as well as an adjunct to medication.She offers her five top tips for heart […]

Flax Seed Burfi (Healthy Nut Bar) Recipe by Manjula, Gluten Free

Today I will be making flax seed burfior you can call this health bar.Flax seed is high in proteinand a good source for omega 3.This barfi is healthy and taste great.This recipe will make about 24 pieces.And for this recipe we will need:1/2 cup golden flax seed powder or flax seed meal1/2 cup coarsely ground […]