Read food nutrition labels carefully! Ask Coley- Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Read Food Nutrition Labels Carefully!Coley: Nutrition Facts.Serving 2 crackers – 14 g.Serving per container 21 g. Bumbley: What are you reading?Coley: You know how books have a table of contents that explain what’s inside?Nutrition labels are sort of like that.They tell you what’s inside the food you’re eating and list its parts.Bumbley: But who would […]

How to Understand Food Labels and Nutrition & Health Claims: Cardiac College

Reading a food label can sometimes be confusing to read. What should I be looking at? Whatdoes this mean for my health? Use the food label to make informed food choices. The foodlabel can provide nutrition information like the Nutrition Facts Panel, Ingredient Listand Nutrition &/or Health Claims. Almost all prepackaged foods have nutrition facts. […]

Reading Nutrition Facts Labels

[MUSIC]Many people are confused by the nutrition labels they see on packaged foods inthe supermarket.Before we talk about some simple tips for reading those labels,it’s important to remember that some of the healthiest foods in the store,like fresh fruits and vegetables, or a filet of fish.These foods don’t need nutrition labels to tell you they’re […]

Why alcohol doesn’t come with nutrition facts

if you go into a grocery store and you buy pretty much anything: a bottle of water, abag of chips, that thing will have a nutritional label on itif you go buy beer or wine or liquor, it usually doesn’t, and that’s crazythe reason why is kind of complicatedso it all dates back to 1935shortly […]

Top 10 Misleading Food Label Claims | Nutrition Labels BUSTED!!!

Understanding Food Labels

Hi I’m Candy Cumming, a registered dietician from Sharp Healthcare and today we’re gonnalook at food labels and try to make some sense out of them. So the first thing you want tolook at on the label is serving size because every single piece of information on thatlabel will relate back to the stated serving […]