🔝NUTRITION Vs. MEDICINE | With English Subtitles | Nutrition Guru | Sanjeev Pandey

Namaskar Friends !Once again You are welcome to Health Khjana In today’s episode we will try to understsnd, what is the difference between “Medicine & Nutrition”and how do they work for our body?As we can see in today’s societyMajority of the people are getting dependent on medicines for there well beingThey feel medicines will take […]

Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) – What Doctors Don’t Know About Nutrition

I’m so glad that you’re part of this “The Truth About Cancer” because you just mentioned it — nutrition.Nutrition is so important. That is something. This is what blows my mind, Mike.You take a typical medical doctor who goes through a decade of school. How manycourses do they typically take in nutrition? And the answer […]