Tasty’s S’Mores Eclairs | Barry tries #16

– Took my eye off it. Look (laughing) (logo whooshing) (fanfare music) (logo popping) Hello buddy, little known fact about me, I used to be an actual girl scout in America. On my honour, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the girl […]

Churro Pancakes

– Er normally you should clean that but I mean Chloe germs aren’t that bad. (Chloe breaths heavily) (upbeat music) What are you doing? (laughs) Hello everybody. All right? – Hello. – We’re a little bit tired today, we just got back from our first ever camping trip as a family. – Yay! – It […]

Giant Chocolate Bourbon

– Yeah. This, not this. (dramatic orchestral music) (comical plopping) Alright people, how’s it going? Hope you’re okay. It’s a bit of a miserable day outside today. It is pretty summer. It’s not gonna do it justice ’cause it’s actually lighter outside than inside, so my camera’s like, “Wow, light!” But you don’t wanna go […]

Operation: Homemade Stock Cube

– Yeah (choking). Okay, we’re on the right track. (dramatic music) Behold, the humble stock cube. Funny, isn’t it, how you kinda take it for granted. You just buy this block. You think what is in this square of wonder? It’s flavour packed, right? You put it in risottos, which we will later. You put […]


Hello everyone, its Barry here, welcome to my virgin kitchen I hope you are well I hopeyou are I do.When I say that I genuinely mean it.Today we are making cloud bread.Its not bread made from clouds ok its nothing to do with the cloud where that whole sortof storage thing where you store your […]

Giant Pocky / Giant Mikado

– All right, here we go. (dramatic music) Hello everybody, hope you’re doing well. Today we are gonna supersize, make some giant versions of Mikado. You, you, you right now. Actually, in some countries, I’m not sure even have these, but you might refer to them as Pocky. Which I actually prefer that name. But […]


– Well hello everyone, it’s Barry here.Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, I hope you are well.Today we are making a recipe in this mug,this very mug that I have bought specificallyfor this video.You’re welcome.(upbeat music)Feeling very English actually although I don’t like teaas most of you guys know,but today we are attempting to make a […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 11

(cracks) (yells) (laughing) – Sorry. (triumphant music) I think you might need your step. – Me too. (laughing) – Mrs Barry and I like to delve into the world of food and kitchen hacks, so that you don’t have to. And maybe, and sometimes, we come across some ones that are like, yes. This is […]

Baking my own Birthday Cake (excuse to make my fave cake in the World)

– Aw, baby. Hello. You know what day it is, don’t ya? Come on, I’m waiting. Actually think about it, it doesn’t matter because it’s my birthday today. Yes, today is my birthday. The day this video’s uploaded, it doesn’t matter. My birthday will be long gone. Like another one of those 365 days that […]

Halloumi fries

(light-hearted rock music) (dog whimpering) – Hallou, is it me you’re looking for? Sorry, if you didn’t know me already, then you would know that I was definitely gonna start this video with that. And what does cheese say when it looks in the mirror? Halloumi. Let’s just get that out of the way. Halloumi […]